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Alliance Start Their Valorant Team With Fearoth

Fearoth Alliance
Fearoth is the first player in the Valorant roster of Alliance. (Credit: Alliance/Riot Games)

Alliance have made their initial steps into the Valorant pro scene. The Swedish esports organization signed Enzo "Fearoth" Mestari as their first player and captain.

Valorant is going to turn a year old in 2021. Riot’s tactical shooter was released in June 2020 but despite that, it already had numerous official tournaments. Interest in Valorant didn’t just peak when it was announced. Riot managed to keep up the hype and there’s no sign of stopping as more and more pro players and organizations are considering Valorant.

The latest team to join the shooter’s competitive scene is Alliance. The Swedish organization announced that they’ll be making an entrance back in December and now they’ve made their first steps. Just yesterday Alliance revealed their first Valorant player in the face of Enzo "Fearoth" Mestari, who’ll also be the team’s captain.

Following the initial announcement of VALORANT, Alliance instantly set the goal of finding a talented and hungry roster fit for the powerhouse organisation. In late 2020, Alliance announced that esports veteran James Banks would lead its VALORANT division and search for a team worthy of representing and sporting the colours of the legendary Swedish organisation. Today, Alliance is excited to announce its first VALORANT player – and it’s none other than its in-game leader in Enzo “Fearoth” Mestari.

Like many other new Valorant players, Fearoth has competitive experience in CS:GO. Whether that’ll give him the edge over his opponents in the new title remains to be seen. It seems to be working for G2 Esports as they’ve dominated the European region with a roster full of ex-CS:GO players that have switched to Valorant.

Alliance Team Manager James Banks commented:

He’s had a great career so far. He is my first building block to make this magic happen.

Fearoth added:

For me, the first goal is to make sure that the Alliance fans can be proud of the team. And of course, during this year, we want to participate in all the official Riot tournaments, we want to make progress during the year, we want to make surprises and we want to win trophies.

If you want to know more about Fearoth and Alliance don’t miss out on the official interview.

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