The Swedish organization plans new divisions in 2021

Alliance Enter Valorant and Fans Will Decide Their Next Game

James banks alliance

Banks will be Valorant General Manager for Alliance. (Image Credit: Alliance via Twitter)

Alliance, the winners of the Dota 2 International 2013 are now aiming at new titles for next year. The organization is already entering Valorant and fans will decide their next division.

The Swedish organization, Alliance, announced that James Banks is joining them as their Valorant General Manager. The news came yesterday through the team’s official SM and website.

Delving deeper into the announcement reveals more and it's not just about Valorant. Apparently, the team will be staying on home turf (Europe) and Banks will be playing a crucial role.

Video Credit: Alliance via YouTube

The newly appointed Valorant GM commented:

This is a new challenge and a new chapter for me. I have been enjoying every aspect of VALORANT since beta. When I was first talking to the guys at Alliance they were very serious in how they wanted to approach the VALORANT scene and what they could offer a team.

Together with my experience and their fantastic support team we will be on the hunt for the right team or players to create something special. The facilities that Alliance have are impressive and I can’t wait to get the right players who are hungry, motivated and want to be the future champions of VALORANT under the Alliance banner. The hunt begins!

New Divisions in 2021

Alliance also revealed their plans for even more division in 2021. The choice of which game they’ll go into next is entirely left to the fans:

Lastly, the final scout we would like to announce will be YOU. Starting 13.00 CET tomorrow, Alliance fans worldwide will be able to purchase fan tokens to partake in the first poll we will offer to fans – A brand new division scouted by you, the ALLFAM.

Alliance fans will be able to vote between Chess, Rocket League and Starcraft II as one of our official competitive divisions for 2021 and beyond. Fan token owners will also be able to partake in crucial decisions for the division that will be nominated throughout 2021, effectively taking on a hands-on ownership role.

Alliance will be releasing a total of 200,000 tokens, each valued at $1. Fans that acquire a token will be able to vote and enjoy additional benefits. The latter include: a chance to connect with other fans on Socios chat, VIP rewards, exclusive promotions, in-app games and competitions, and more.

At the time of writing of this article, the tokens are already live. Will you be getting some? Tell us on our Facebook page!

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