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5-Stack Tournaments Are Coming to Valorant

5-Stack Tournaments Are Coming to Valorant
A glimpse at the future! | © Riot Games

The Valorant competitive scene is bound to get better in Episode 3. In yesterday's dev live stream for Episode 3, the team revealed that 5-stack tournaments will be a thing in the new season.

Valorant turned a year old this month and Riot Games are continuing with the celebrations. The YR1 events are not done yet, and we're unsure about what Episode 3 Act 1 has to offer. In a recent dev live stream, the company revealed that they're trying to add more ways to play the game. Soon, regular matchmaking will be only one of the ways to enjoy Valorant.

Riot Games made a controversial decision at the start of 2021 by removing the 5-player stacks from competitive Valorant. This move was harshly criticized by many of the famous pro players and streamers, who called for the return of full stacks.

5-Stack Tournaments Coming to Valorant

Yesterday we saw the official Riot developer live stream for Valorant Episode 3. Among other things, the devs talked about the more competitive side of the game. Riot delivered some great news for anyone who wanted the 5-stacks back in Valorant. The latter will finally make a return in form of in-game tournaments

The format that Riot described during the live stream is quite similar to the Clash tournaments in League of Legends. In the latter, players of relatively similar skill can form a 5-stack and go up against other teams to decide who's best. That'll be a great way to boost community interest in the more competitive side of Valorant, as even the most casual player will be able to team up and participate.

A nice addition to these tournaments is the option to gather between 5 and 7 players. This will allow you to even bench and switch for subs, giving you a real feel of what the pro players might go through. If you win one of these tournaments, you'll qualify for the "end of Act" event.

Valorant In-Game Tournaments Release Date

The only thing we don't know about the future return of 5-stacks is when. No release date is clear, since the developers mentioned they're still working on it. Our best guess is that the feature will be released at some point during Episode 3. The question is whether that'll be near the start, middle, or end of the season. 

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