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Valorant still has room to grow

5 Features Valorant Still Needs

Valoran astra
We looking into what Valorant needs! (Credit: Riot Games)

The Valorant esports scene is popping off and it’s only getting more popular as more pros and streamers get in on the hype. Today we look at the 5 features that Valorant still needs and should be on the top of Riot’s to-do list!

Valorant as a stand-alone game is great, but as a competitive tactical shooter, it’s kind of lackluster at times. It’s actually amazing that it has such a popular esports scene, given the fact that the game is still young. Not to throw too much shade at Valorant, but it still looks like it’s in beta, albeit a really late beta.

1: Valorant Needs a Replay Feature

Without a replay feature or a way to see how you died or who killed you, the game will always have this specter hanging over it. We all know this as “peeker’s advantage”, the number one excuse used by pros and noobs alike. Simply said, your low ping vs. the other player's high ping means you can see them before they see you. Pop-out from a corner and you basically get a free shot. With a replay function, we could see if it's indeed the peeker’s advantage, or just your slow reaction time.

In addition, a reply function would allow you to learn from your mistakes and learn from better players. No replay is just a fail...and will be the asked-for feature until implemented.

2: Valorant Needs Agent Skins

valorant agents astra
Why no skins Riot? (Credit: Riot Games)

Valorant needs agent skins, period. Everyone must be sick of seeing a mirror copy of your character in a match. Skins are a must in any game, as players want to customize! Even from an esports perspective, it can also be confusing to tell whose Jett is on whose team. They could even explore the design space of team jerseys for each agent.

3: Valorant Needs More Maps

astra map
Too little maps, they feel all the same! (Credit: Riot Games)

Even with the addition of Icebox and Breeze to the map pool, Valorant desperately needs more maps. To make matters worse, you have no control over what map you play in queued matches and this frustrates the player base. Nothing is fun about randomly queuing into the same map three times in a row. With a map selection before the match starts and more maps, the Valorant player base will be a lot happier.

4: Valorant Needs Community Tournaments

Riot Games should take notes from Fortnite Competitive as they often host free-to-enter tournaments that players can compete in for free exclusive skins. If Valorant had a daily tournament or community tournaments that squads could compete in for free skins, or just as a means to scrim with more on the line, it'd make Valorant a lot more interesting.

5: Valorant Needs More Weapons

all valorant guns
Yep, that's it! And only three are ever used. (Credit: Riot Games)

There is no variety in weapons! So, there are basically three guns in Valorant that you want to use: Phantom, Vandal, and Operator (now too expensive). The rest of the guns are just fillers and are only used when you can’t afford a Phantom or Vandal. That only really happens in early rounds, or if you die every round.

Well, the game has some interesting guns like the Bullgod and the Guardian, but they simply have no place in the meta, as Valorant is often just run and gun or spray and pray style shooting.

Perhaps the Vandal and the Phantom need to be nerfed, so they are not just auto-picks. They could also make wildly different maps that encourage more long-range combat tactics. At the moment all Valorant maps feel the same as they are just a series of rooms connected by varying lengths of hallways. So more maps Riot, please.

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