A leak for Valorant Episode 2

Valorant: Will Act 2 Come With a New Ranking System?

Valorant Rank System

Is the ranked system getting changed again? (Image credit: Riot Games)

While the ranking system in Valorant is currently plagued by a bug, a new leak indicates extensive changes. The soon to be launched Valorant Act 2 is supposed to focus on a completely new model.

Since the end of the Valorant beta, the ranking system of the competitive shooter has been under criticism, and recently a bug caused additional frustration. So it's a good thing that Valorant Episode 2 is scheduled to start in early August - including a completely overhauled ranking system. You heard that right.

New Ranking System in Valorant Episode 2

The current Valorant Ranked System includes seven ranks with three tiers each. However, this could change soon.

Valorant designer David "Milkcow" Cole had already revealed that an act extends over a period of almost two months. The shooter's second act, Valorant Episode 2 Ignition, is expected to start on August 2 and could introduce some changes into the ranking system.

As data miner "Valorant Leaks" claims to have found out, our ranks should be able to move up and down with the start of Act 2. In addition, the new ranking system will have five different levels instead of the three we had before.

Even on the Radiant rank, the highest level you can currently reach in Valorant, ascent and descent will still be possible. The best players in each region could have a lot more to do with Valorant Episode 2, because: who wouldn't want to be a level 5 Radiant?

The name "Act Rank" also suggests that there will be a reset at the start of the new act and that your Valorant rank will always be reset with the start of the next one. Will it go down? Will you need another small calibration? We shall see. As is often the case with leaks, official confirmation from Riot is still pending, so the information should still be treated with a grain of salt. On the bright side we'll know for sure in less than a week.

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