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Valorant Weapon Guide – Part 8: Odin

Valorant odin

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In our big guide, we want to have a look at all Valorant weapons. This time it's all about the heaviest one in the Valorant armory: the Odin.

At the moment, there are 17 weapons in Valorant, but we can expect Riot to add even more in the future. The variety is enormous: From the shotgun to the sniper, to the assault rifle. The tactical shooter lives up to its name, but which weapon is suitable for which agent? Which strategy is best with which weapon and what is the shooting pattern, damage, and rate of fire? Read on to find out.

The Odin

Somehow the Odin seems to be the weapon we would most likely expect to find in Rambo's hands if he was playable as an agent in Valorant. The heavy is really heavy, with a huge magazine. Yes, Sylvester Stallone would have loved it, and so would we. If you always wanted to crouch and provide continuous cover fire for your teammates in the manliest of manner, then the Odin will do a great job.

Dot exe odin

Image credit: Riot Games

Damage, Fire Rate, Spray Pattern

The name of the weapon is no coincidence: Odin, the father of the gods of Germanic culture, stands for war and struggle. The weapon of the same name is a credit to his namesake. Its damage can be compared to that of the Vandal- at least in terms of body hits (38 Damage) and shots in the legs (32 Damage).

Headshots are less effective and cause only 95 damage. At longer distances, further than 30 meters, the damage gets a slight decrease. The thing is the Odin doesn't rely only on its single-shot damage. It's all about showering the enemy team with bullets. The 100-bullet magazine makes it easy to do so. In addition, its rate of fire increases over time. After a few seconds of continuous fire, it goes from 12 shots per second to 15.6 per second. The firing pattern, however, takes some getting used to. At first, the weapon pulls up, which can be compensated by moving the mouse downwards. Then the weapon fires upwards, then to the right, and finally sharply left. As with most spray patterns, this can be practiced and learned.

Odin Strategy

Since the Odin shows its full potential with continuous fire, it is important to use it sensibly. Run-and-gun is not a good strategy here, as the weapon becomes too inaccurate when in motion. Instead of moving, we recommend holding a position and even crouching for extra accuracy. Thanks to its high wall penetration, the Odin can be a real threat even to enemies hiding behind cover. The Odin should be used in coordination with your team as it's hardly a one on one weapon. Use it to support your teammates and buy them time.

When Should You Buy the Odin?

The Odin is the second most expensive weapon in the game. With a price of 3,200 credits you really need to make it worth it as it's definitely not an eco weapon. Furthermore, losing it after just one round will be tough. In the worst-case scenario where you die and drop it, feel free to ask a teammate with a cheaper weapon to pick it up for you. The heavy weapon is sometimes a great pick for the early stages of the game, especially if you're already ahead. The endless hail of bullets can be quite demoralizing for the enemy and if they're doing an eco you're guaranteed to score some easy kills.

The Best Agents for the Odin

Agents with a lot of mobility won't be big fans of the Odin as they'll usually prefer weapons that don't give away their position. A character like Cypher is best suited to use the weapon because he has recon skills. Knowing where the enemy is coming from will even allow you to heat up the Odin before they show up. They'll either have to choose a different path or go through the bullet storm.

Next week we'll continue with the next part of our Valorant guide. Until then we have lots of Valorant news and more tips & tricks about the weapons in Riot's tactical shooter.


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