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Valorant Weapon Guide – Part 4: Ares

The heavy weapon in Valorant canb cause a lot of damage

Valorant has agents with abilities but weapons are still the most important aspect. Take a closer look with our guide, as today we continue with the Ares.

At the moment there are 17 weapons in Valorant, but we can expect even more to be added in the future. The variety is great: From the sniper to the shotgun, to the assault rifle. The tactical shooter lives up to its name, but which weapon is suitable for which agent? Which strategy should one pursue with which weapon and what is the shooting pattern, damage, and the rate of fire? Read on to find out.

The Ares - a real heavyweight

It belongs to the so-called Light Machine Guns (LMGs) in Valorant, but unlike its counterpart Odin, the Ares costs only 1,700 credits - almost half of the Odin. It's especially well suited for the more economically oriented rounds, where it deals a lot of damage - especially when it comes to wall-banging. Its disadvantage is that it is much louder than the Spectre, which costs a similar amount.

The Ares has a 50 bullet magazine

The Ares has a 50 bullet magazine. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Damage, fire rate, spray pattern

The art of dealing with Ares lies in the distance. At shorter distances, ideally within 30 meters, you can't go wrong with the light machine gun. Don't be mistaken though as even at long range, Ares will perform beyond expectations as the damage drop-off after the 30-meter mark is rather low. Each shot at the head of a target from 5 meters will deal 72 damage, while the same shot from over 30 meters will deal 67 damage. For the body, the damage is 30 and 28, while a hit to the legs deals 25 and 23 damage, respectively. Not that much of a difference eh? The rate of fire is remarkable: up to 13 shots per second and a proud 50 shot magazine make the Ares a real killing machine. As usual, aiming is important, but mostly at longer distances. When the enemy's close you can just spray and pray. Up to 15 meters it can keep up with anything. There is a firing pattern, but it changes slightly from right to left. The motto: Hold it and keep it pressed.

Aries strategies

The Ares makes some noise, in the truest sense, because it is damn loud. Those who prefer to sneak across the map and flank enemies should choose an alternative like the Spectre. With the Ares you best secure certain points on the map and wait until the enemies come to you - into a trap. The Ares is a good defensive weapon, but just like most weapons in Valorant you can utilize it offensively in certain situations. Since it also has a very high wall penetration hiding places in alleys or house entrances are perfect. This also makes it great for tagging enemies through walls.

When should one buy the Ares?

With its 1,700 credits, the heavy weapon is a real deal. It's perfect for early rounds, where you need to be equipped properly, but can't afford the more expensive weapons yet. Somewhere between pistol and full-buy rounds, the Ares shines.

The Best Agents for the Ares

At first glance, Sova is the perfect match. Combining vision through walls with the weapons high wall penetration can do wonders. But who else has vision? That's right - Cypher. With his camera and ultimate enemies can quickly be spotted. Then you just have to find a good hiding place near them and wait for them to make the wrong move. The rest is done by the Ares. Breach has multiple skills that go through walls so getting the Ares feels natural and well-suited.


As always, you can find more tips and tricks about Valorant on EarlyGame, for example about the new Agent Reyna - and how to play her.

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