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Valorant Weapon Guide – Part 10: Stinger

Stinger Valorant

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Valorant has agents with abilities but weapons are still the most crucial aspect. Take a look at today's Valorant weapon guide as we explore the Stinger.

At the moment, there are 17 weapons in Valorant, but we can expect Riot to add even more in the future. The variety is there: From the sniper to the shotgun, to the assault rifle. The tactical shooter lives up to its name but which weapon is suitable for which agent? Which strategy should one pursue with which weapon and what is the spray pattern, damage, and the rate of fire? Read on to find out.

The Stinger - in the Footsteps of the Spectre

It is often described as one of the worst weapons in the game but the SMG can be a real beast in close combat. Sure, the Spectre, the other SMG, is already a house number but it also costs more. The Stinger can be combined with shields and agent abilities for some very good basic equipment, so don't underestimate it.

Sovereign Stinger Valorant

Image credit: Riot Games

Damage, Fire Rate, Spray Pattern

The damage of the Stinger is rather low, especially compared to the competition – the Spectre – or even to the Classic Pistol which can do a similar amount of damage. From 0 to 20 meters, a headshot does 67, a body hit 27 and a shot in the legs 23 damage. Between 20 and 50 meters, the damage is 62, 25, 21.

The SMG is winning points in terms of fire rate: 18 bullets per second make up for the difference in damage compared to other main and secondary weapons. However, the magazine can only hold 20 bullets, so it would not make sense to simply hold on to them.

As for the spray pattern: after a few shots, the gun moves up and then unpredictably to the left and right. It's better to fire a few shots in a row – if you hit the target there, the target is already down. After switching to ADS mode, the Stinger switches off the fully automatic mode and becomes a burst weapon. This might be the better mode for it as it utilizes the ammo much better.

Stinger Strategies

The Stinger is definitely an eco weapon and is especially good for attacking – although defenders can also set traps to surprise their opponents. The magic word is run-and-gun. Sneaking around corners and holding on to it, running and gunning down. The aim is important, partly because of the shot pattern, but since it takes roughly a second to empty a clip, it's better to fire one shot more than less in that direction rather than aim long.

If you're up against the Stinger, you should be prepared for a lot of racing – the gameplay is fast and requires quick thinking and decision-making. You should not only rely on the Stinger and the secondary weapon. Agent skills should be used efficiently and shields are also part of the setup – if you are regularly involved in a melee, you might even get a bullet or two.

Tip: Even in run-and-gun, it is sometimes better to sneak while shooting to improve the accuracy of the weapon – this applies to pretty to much all weapons in Valorant.

When Should you Buy the Stinger?

With 1000 credits, the Stinger is a good weapon – even for the first few rounds before switching to more expensive and better weapons.

However, don't forget to save some money to equip yourself with shields and skills. As long as it is enough, nothing stands in the way of an aggressive eco round.

The Best Agents for the Stinger

Which agent benefits from the stats on the Stinger? In fact, all those who support the aggressive gameplay of the weapons with their skills – melee and run-and-gun. These include Phoenix, Jett, Omen, and Viper. A healer like Sage, on the other hand, would be a rather bad choice. More important than the agents, however, is the individual playstyle: aggressive, risky, fast!

Next week we will continue with the next part of our Valorant guide. Until then, we have lots of Valorant news and more tips & tricks about the weapons in Riot's tactical shooter:

Stay tuned for more Valorant guides as there are still a lot of weapons to cover. Make sure to check out EarlyGame as well as our Youtube channel for more content.

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