Apparently the new agent is a nerd.

Valorant: Voice Responses to Killjoy Leaked

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Data miners uncovered even more details about the upcoming Valorant agent Killjoy. This time it’s some voice line responses.

It has been almost two months since the official launch of Valorant and you know what that means. A major update will be coming in early August. The game is segmented into acts. The end of Act I is set for August 2, so either on the same day or shortly after we can expect a big patch. The latter can among other things include the fabled Deathmatch mode, changes to the ranked system, and quite possibly a new agent.


Agent Killjoy has been rumored for a long time and we're still not sure if it's a she or a he (probably the former though). It’s no surprise that more and more leaks are coming through, as the agent already had some sounds released earlier (about 7 minutes of them). Now, after the latest update (patch 1.04) data miners were able to put their skills to good use and uncovered even more details about the upcoming agent.

The data miner "Mang0eLeaks" managed to uncover a lot in the new patch including some voice line responses which supposedly address Killjoy. All of that is compiled in a Reddit thread.

In addition to the voice lines, there are also some more sound effects, most likely related to Killjoy’s abilities.

Overall, we still don’t know that much about Killjoy yet. She might have a deployable turret and judging by Breach’s response “Nerd”, the new agent will definitely be in the field of science.

In the meantime, Riot are keeping silent and haven’t announced anything yet. There’s no confirmation that Killjoy will be the next agent joining the Valorant roster. Despite that, the number of leaked files makes us think that Killjoy is a very likely candidate. Still, take everything with a grain of salt as recently the Valorant Lead Character Designer, Ryan “Morello” Scott debunked some supposed leaks.

We’ve already speculated about Killjoy in the past and hopefully, he/she will be the latest agent to join the roster. What do you think? Share your opinion on our Facebook page!

Stay tuned for more Valorant news and check out EarlyGame for everything gaming and esports.

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