A streamer broke the rules and released some more Valorant footage

Valorant Training Mode leaked

Valorant training mode

Image credit: Riot Games

Riot’s new tactical shooter will reveal itself with a full recording of a game this Friday. Meanwhile, Content creator CzechCloud gave fans an early peek into the Valorant training mode.

A lot of new details regarding Valorant came out in the last week. First, it was the weekend closed-door event that was limited to streamers, content creators and pro players. Then Riot revealed that the closed beta for Valorant will be kicking off on April 7. The company is also planning to release the footage of the exclusive weekend event this upcoming Friday on April 3.

In the meantime, depending on how you look at it, something un/expected happened. One of the attendees at the aforementioned event decided to post a good deal of gameplay from Valorant. The content creator’s name on all platforms is CzechCloud and we can only hope he won’t get into too much legal trouble. Without further ado, here’s the leaked video.

We see a couple of interesting things in the video. First and foremost is the number of playable modes, namely four:

  • Open Range – Freely explore the entire range and what it has to offer.
  • Shooting Test – Test your gun skills with a variety of shooting challenges
  • Spike Planting – Take control of the site, plant the Spike, and defend it until detonation
  • Spike Defusal – Methodically defeat enemies and defuse the Spike before the timer runs out.

They’re all mostly self-explanatory for anyone familiar with modern shooters and CS:GO which also has bomb defusal as its most used scenario on maps. What’s really impressive about Valorant though is the Shooting test. It allows players to pick any weapon they want, set difficulty and a target number of kills they’ll aim for. Note that this is included in the base game, in a title like CS:GO you’ll need to access a custom map in order to do any of those things.

Valorant training weapons

Some of the skins visible in the buy menu. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Judging by the buy menu we see, there are already some skins available for the wide arsenal of weapons Valorant will have. Since the title will be free to play, it only makes sense that Riot have already prepared to monetize with some visuals. We also see 9 available agents, some of which we’re already familiar with thanks to the trailers released by Riot. There’s just one agent missing as the number announced by the company was 10 at launch.

Valorant available agents

The available agents seen in the video. (Image credit: Riot Games)

The Valorant closed beta will start on April 7 and if you want to take a shot at it, linking your Riot and Twitch accounts will be the first step.

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