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Valorant tips: 5 tricky places for Sovas on Haven - gg, ez!

Valorant Sova recon bolt

Sova can dominate Haven with its reconnaissance missiles. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Reconnaissance is of utmost importance in Valorant and can make the difference between victory and defeat. And with these tips Sova dominates Haven - gg, ez!

In Riot Games upcoming Shooter Valorant there are several agents, all of which have unique abilities. These range from healing to reconnaissance, pure destruction to teleportation. To give your team a decisive advantage, the reconnaissance of enemy positions is essential. The easiest and most effective way to do this is with Sova's reconnaissance skill: Recon Bolt. It allows you to shoot a type of sonar arrow, which marks all opponents within a certain radius around your position for your team.

To get the most out of this ability and mark enemies in time, the correct positioning of the arrows is of utmost importance. Recently, a player on Reddit shared five incredibly good positions for Sova's reconnaissance projectiles on Map Haven:

The top 5 reconnaissance positions

With these positions, you don't put yourself in danger and at the same time, you cover some of the most important paths of your opponents. Important for the success of these shots is the positioning when firing and the exact point to aim at. It reminds us a bit of the precise smokes in CS:GO. With our Map Guide the exact positions are easy to find.

Haven map

Here you can see all positions in Haven with names. (Image credit: Blitz.gg)

5 secret Sova locations on Haven

1) A Tunnel

For the first shot you position yourself right next to the two stacked crates at A Tunnel and aim at the tree above you. If you aim correctly, the arrow will land directly at the door to A Lobby, giving you information about whether the opposing team is coming to A or how they're rotating.

2) B Box

The second spot is located in B-Box. Here you position yourself at the right (from the defender's point of view) rounded corner and aim at the opposite corner on the ceiling. The arrow lands on the wall before Bottom Mid and covers the access to all bomb sites.

3) C-Site

For the third one, go to the C site via C Link and stand next to the two stacked boxes at the very back of the wall before you get to the C site. Now aim a bit over the tree between the left building and a roof further away. The arrow will land on a tree at the transition from C Lobby to C Long, showing whether the enemies are coming to C or going towards B.

4) A Garden No. 1

The last two shots are made from A Garden, so they are particularly suitable for attacking. For this purpose, place them on the first ledge directly next to the small vase. Fire the first shot at the upper right corner of the hill above B-box. The arrow lands directly over B Back and covers both the B site and the passage between A and C site.

5) A Garden No. 2

The second arrow is fired from the same position, but this time aiming at the top left corner of the mountain. This way the arrow lands directly inside over the B Door and covers all accesses to the B Site.

Remembering these positions gives you and your team an incredible advantage without putting yourself in danger. For more tips and tricks as well as news and updates on Valorant, just check EarlyGame regularly.

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