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Valorant: The Xtreme Showdown With Dhalucard and Trillux

Aorus showdown valorant

There are great prizes and $10,000 will be donated to a good cause! (Image credit: AORUS)

Dhalucard and Trilluxe will compete in the Valorant Xtreme Showdown for a good cause and $10,000 - the same amount will be donated by AORUS. When it takes place and what you can win, you can find out here!

The two well-known streamers Dhalucard and Trilluxe will compete in a 5v5 all-star event. Whoever wins the tournament will receive $10,000 in prize money from AORUS as a sponsor. The same amount will also be donated to the GlobalGiving Coronavirus Relief Fund to help fight COVID-19.

The game will be played in a best of five format, so you can expect at least 3 exciting games. The captains Dhalucard and Trilluxe are not only very well-known streamers, but also true FPS gods. The two CS:GO elites are no less dangerous in Riot's shooter Valorant. In addition, both have experience as in-game leaders and can take their teams to victory. You can be sure that both will try to outdo each other in this Valorant show match. Look forward to exciting matches with some first-class tactics and a lot of skill.

Win, win, win!

Aorus showdown giveaway valorant

Image credit: AORUS

There's plenty of rewards for all the viewers too! Fans have the chance to participate in the Xtreme Showdown Giveaway and win hardware from AORUS. Until September 5, certain tasks can be completed. With every task you complete, you earn raffle tickets and have the chance to get a monitor, graphics card, or motherboard - all designed for maximum performance for gaming and esports, of course.

More information about the AORUS giveaway can be found on the official website. Don't miss your chance to get some sweet gear for free!

If you want to follow the Xtreme Showdown and cheer on your favorites, you can visit the Twitch streams of Dhalucard or Trilluxe on September 5. Have fun and of course good luck with the giveaway - may the RNG be with you!

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