Lighting strikes! Coming soon to the Valorant store

Valorant Smite Skin Leaked

Valorant Smite Skins

Smite Skins strike Valorant weapons (Image credit: floxay via Twitter)

The Smite Collection, new skins have been leaked and it features lightning bolts streaking across the guns and is coming to Valorant soon. Valorant was just updated to 1.08 and with a patch comes a new set of leaks. We have all the details coming up next.

The Smite skin leak first appeared on Twitter and the skins are rumored to appear in the store at some point in September but nothing has been confirmed. The data miner @Valorantleaks is to thank for the leak and we also know the weapons and costs for each skin.

Smite Skin Collection:

  • Classic - 875 VP
  • Odin - 875 VP
  • Judge - 875 VP
  • Phantom - 875 VP
  • Knife - 875 VP
  • Knife - 1,750 VP

The Smite collection's base color is a tri-tone blue that starts as a dark blue and transitions to lighter blues, all ending in a glowing white. The same glowing white is used in the streaking lightning bolts across the gun’s body. No color variations have been leaked but all skins in the game have so far have had variants.

Valorant price

Price Guide for all Valorant Skins (Image credit: Riot Games)

The bundle should cost 4375 VP based on the pricing tier set by Riot Games also previous bundles in the same pricing tier have had the same bundle price. Keep in mind 1000 VP costs roughly €10 and the more you buy the more bonus VP you receive.

What do you think are these thunderstruck skins too flashy? Or maybe they have you awestruck and ready to open up your PayPal. We also had a look at the Ego skins if you're looking for a more subtle design and something less obvious as lightning bolts. If subtle is not your jam, and you want something futuristic instead, then maybe the Spline collection is right for you. The Spline collection is currently available in the Valorant Store but for the Ego and Smite skins, you will have to wait for their release.

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