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Fire-based agent, check. Poison-based agent, check!

Valorant: Riot reveals Viper as the next agent in latest trailer

Valorant agent Viper trailer
Image credit: Riot Games

Riot Games unveiled another gameplay trailer for their upcoming tactical shooter – Valorant. In the latest video, fans get a glimpse and a good idea of what the next agent, Viper, is capable of.

The list of agents for Riot's new shooter keeps growing. The latest one who was revealed to join the roster of playable characters in the upcoming shooter is no other than Viper.


Just as her name suggests, Viper’s abilities are mainly based around poison and using it to her advantage. In the video above, the agent manages to win a 1 versus 3 clutch by planning her moves carefully and planting the Spike (the name of the bomb in Valorant). Here’s also a list of Viper’s abilities as we saw some of them in the trailer:

Poison Cloud – the first thing we see her use in the video is Poison Cloud. Throwing a grenade releases a poisonous gas that can be used to block an enemy agent's advancement. It’s important to note that a lot of Viper’s abilities revolve around her poison meter. Once it goes empty, all skills dependent on it will dissipate. This serves as a good way to balance her abilities.

Toxic Screen – as we saw previously, Phoenix will be able to make a burning wall of fire. Viper can do the same but with poison, limiting enemy vision and inflicting damage to anyone trying to cross it.

Snakebite – This wasn’t properly displayed in the trailer. Snakebite is another projectile that Viper uses to create a pool of acid on contact.

Ultimate: Viper’s Pit – Unlike Viper’s other abilities, her ultimate does not depend on her toxic meter. Using it unleashes a massive cloud of gas around her that remains for as long as she’s inside of it. As a sweet bonus, any enemy that dares to enter through the green fog will be highlighted.


According to the post by the official Valorant Twitter account, Viper hails from the USA. Her kit will allow her to excel in both offense and defense but it makes her especially useful when trying to hold a certain choke point or plant a Spike. With no direct damage abilities, the agent’s main focus will be crowd control and putting enemies out of position.

Riot Games’ Valorant is expected to release in the Summer of 2020 and it would be curious to see if the game will deliver on all of its promises. Offering a wild mix of Overwatch and CS:GO, it might prove to be a rival to both.