Pray you don't get Iron in VALORANT...

Valorant Ranks explained, tips tricks and more

Valorant Viper

Don't get in our way to VALORANT. (Image credit: Riot Games)

VALORANT players can rejoice... Or not, as ranked is online during the Beta. With confusion as to how ranked works, let's break-down those VALORANT ranks and how ranked works.

VALORANT's ranked system is online, people are complaining as they always do, but there is some confusion as to how exactly ranked games works. For the newer players to the Beta wanting to get some of the action, we've got just the article for you. Keep reading for more details!

What are the ranks?

Here are the current names for ranked. With VALORANT still being in Beta, there's a probability the names could change, especially the highest name... VALORANT. Fans weren't too happy about that one.

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Immortal
  • Valorant
VALORANT ranked system

A first look at the ranks. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Think of League of Legends, mixed with a sprinkle of Overwatch, a dash or CS:GO and you have... VALORANT? The names are, as mentioned, criticized highly. The highest rank, VALORANT, just doesn't make any sense and needs changing. We think that getting in the beta should be the Pinnacle of achievement. Can the highest name be changed to I got into the Beta? We'll await the paycheck, Riot Games.

An important note: While ranked is online, it can be taken down or brought offline at any time by Riot Games:

How do I unlock ranked?


Jett to VALORANT? (Image credit: Riot Games)

For you to begin playing competitive matches, you'll need to play 20 unrated matches. Once complete, you'll be able to officially start competitiv games.

If you are Iron

Sage valorant

Play Sage, she's our no.1. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Bless your cotton socks, if you're Iron, you placed in the lowest tier of competitive play, which isn't bad! It means you probably need to work on learning the game more and do we have the best tips for you! In our Valorant Quick Tips series, we go over the bare basics of VALORANT and explain the things you need to know during your game, especially as ranked games are very different from your usual casual games of VALORANT.

Let's bring you up to speed.

Can I play ranked with friends?

If you have friends who were able to get into the VALORANT, then a huge congratulations to you all first and foremost. Secondly, you can officially queue with a party of 5 other Agents, but be aware, there is some balancing here to ensure that your fellow VALORANT VALORANT player, doesn't queue up with your Iron ranked friends. See, that rank name really doesn't work well.
Valorant spongebob

Did you get in the Beta?

Is there ranked decay?

Yes, VALORANT is much like other competitive games in that being unable to play competitive games for a certain period will gradually cause your VALORANT rank to decay, at higher levels, of course, so Platinum and above beware and get those games in!

How will promotion and demotion work exactly?

While nothing is set in stone at the moment, we strongly expect that VALORANT will take after League of Legends in a promotion series, best of three games, and eventual promotion. The same can be said for being demoted, too. Goodluck out there Agent, we're sure you'll make it well past Iron.

Be sure to check out our Valorant Quick Tips series and for everything VALORANT, keep it here with EarlyGame.

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