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The Valorant 1.02 patch notes

Patch 1 02

Image credit: Riot Games

Riot released another update for Valorant with patch 1.02. It features agent, weapon and map changes while also adding some new features.

We’ve already predicted a good portion of what Valorant’s patch 1.02 will contain. Today we’ll take a look at some of the most important changes in the latest update.



  • Toxic Screen now burns through walls, placing emitters at all valid locations (e.g., the ground) over its length
Viper Toxic screen is a potentially-strong vision slicing tool, but its access was well...terrible, making it only useful in a few spots on most maps. This should allow Viper to cut up sights, maps, and other unique areas to either fake or help take ground.
  • Snake Bite, taking damage will make a player fragile for a short time
  • Fragile is a debuff that doubles damage taken

Note: the total damage is unchanged (the damage is lowered, but fragile increases it - it all evens out)

With Viper applying decay on her smokes, but only providing moderate chip damage on her area-damage skill, pushing through it was hard to punish. With Fragile, Viper’s team should have a big advantage on anyone if they fire on pushing enemies
  • Poison Orb activation cooldown increased :: .5s >>> 6s
We like Viper’s unique ability to do “one-way” smokes, but some of the locations could create places where it was suicide to push through. An increased window should keep this viable without eliminating the strategy.


  • Blade Storm now refreshes when used to kill Phoenix during Run It Back.


  • Soul Orbs are now spawned when Reyna kills Phoenix during Run It Back.


  • Fixed an issue where Spycam blocked Spike defusal
  • Fixed an issue where players could place a Cyber Cage on a Trapwire
  • Added prevention for Spycam going through teleporter doors on Bind when placed on the frame from the outside

Smoke Tuning

  • Adjusted tuning around screen effects when exiting and entering smokes
  • Decreased blind “falloff” value
  • Decreased nearsighted intensity
The previous tuning for smokes made it far too punishing for players to push through and take a calculated risk—really encouraging them to be used as a powerful defensive stall tool. Pushing through a smoke will still be risky, just more reasonable.

Weapon Updates

Bucky (right-click)

  • Crouch-walking accuracy: 3.45 >>> 4.1
  • Walk accuracy 6.4 >>> 4.4
  • Run Accuracy 3.5 >>> 6.4
We discovered an accidental discrepancy in how we were applying movement inaccuracy to the Bucky's right-click, one we introduced during closed beta when we added a delay for players to receive walking accuracy when slowing down from a running state. This was making it so that the right-click was much more accurate on the run that intended. We've fixed this now so that running with the right-click is significantly more inaccurate than walking or standing still. We've also increased the inaccuracy for crouch-walking to more appropriately match the amount of evasion it provides.

Competitive Mode Update

Competitive Mode will be made available during this patch, changes since closed beta:

  • Updated rank iconography.
  • New name for top rank: Radiant
  • Expanded skill disparity range for playing with friends in rank placements

Map Updates


  • Garage Doors
  • Entrance to C Long on Attacker Side
  • Cover in A Lobby restructured to open up the space which allows for additional sight lines and traversal options
  • C Link
  • A Link
  • The Entrance to A Sewer and the bottom of A Sewer
Haven 1 02

Image credit: Riot Games


  • Defender spawn entrance
  • Attacker side of A Main (Including a self-boost to gain an additional angle to peek A Main as an attacker)
  • Garden entrance
Ascent 1 02

Image credit: Riot Games


  • A Bath entrance
  • B Teleporter Exit and B Window entrance
Bind 1 02

Image credit: Riot Games


  • Defender Spawn
Split 1 02

Image credit: Riot Games

Those were the most important gameplay changes in 1.02. For the full log make sure to check out Valorant’s official website.

Stay tuned for more Valorant updates and make sure to check out EarlyGame as well as our Youtube channel for more content.

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