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Hints of Agent Stealth and Mobile Leaked With Valorant Patch 1.09

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Image credit: Riot Games

Valorant’s patch 1.09 dropped this week and delivered some nerfs to the OP among other changes. In addition, it also gave us some hints about the next agent.

Riot Games released Valorant’s patch 1.09 on Tuesday and it included changes for five agents, nerfs for the Operator, and more. While all of that might shake the meta not only in pubs but also competitively what we’re interested in today is not obvious. Various data miners already uncovered some hidden elements in the last update, but they could be subject to change in the near future.

A New Agent: Codename Stealth

Riot said they're aiming to get anywhere between 60 and 100 agents into the tactical shooter. It’s no secret that Riot will add one more agent with the beginning of the next chapter but so far we haven’t had any big reveals. Until now.

Apparently, the codename for the latest agent is “Stealth” and all we’ve got so far is that, along with a few textures. More details were released on Reddit by data miner Mang0eLeaks.

Valorant agent stealth textures mang0leaks

Textures used by the new agent. (Image credit: Reddit/Mang0eLeaks/Riot Games)

Radianite seems to be part of the name in some of the leaked files and as we all know it’s a currency in the popular shooter. Will Riot put some lore behind it though? Not much else is known about Stealth but if the name is any indication, we could be seeing some interesting new concepts enter Valorant. Invisibility is mentioned in the files along with ground hole. Here’s a geometrical mesh for the latter.

Valorant agent stealth geometrical mesh mang0leaks

The geometrical mesh for "Ground Hole". (Image credit: Reddit/Mang0eLeaks/Riot Games)

It’s all speculation for now as the new agent isn’t expected anytime soon. Valorant’s Act III is expected to drop in about two weeks on October 13 since that’s when the current Battle Pass is set to come to an end.

What About Mobile?

A mobile version of Valorant is definitely on the way. Riot have been silently working on it for who knows how long, and it seems we are getting hints of that from time to time.

Patch 1.09 gave us another clue that shows clearly Valorant will be coming to the iPhone and its iOS. Fans are currently wondering whether it’ll be an actual port of the game to mobile or a mere companion app. So far everything points to the former. It also makes sense logically since the mobile gaming market is a huge field that Riot definitely wants to get into.

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