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Valorant Patch 1.03: This Is What’s in the New Update!

Valorant patch 1 03

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Riot Games has released a new Valorant update. Valorant Patch 1.03 includes changes to the Guardian and the spike rush mode. Take a look at what's new!

Valorant Patch 1.03 is live. After the last update of the multiplayer shooter has tweaked the balance, developer Riot Games is taking it a bit easier this time. At least the Guardian gets a huge adjustment, while the Spike Rush mode gets some new features. Here are the complete Valorant 1.03 patch notes.

Guardian Changes

The Guardian assault rifle has not necessarily been one of the most popular weapons in Valorant. As Riot admits in the patch, it simply wasn't strong enough for the price it had. Valorant Patch 1.03 lowers the Guardian's price, but also its fire rate while increasing its impact. Riot Games commented on it:

Up until now, the Guardian has lived in a strange position in the arsenal. Price-wise, it remained close to the premium rifles while not adequately competing with their power, making it too pricey as an alternate economic option, but not powerful enough to be considered as a premiere weapon choice. Its fast fire rate made it more powerful in close range situations than we’d like, given our goals for the weapon’s long-range, precision shot fantasy, and—despite its semi-automatic, heavy-hitting firing style—it matched other rifles in terms of penetrating power. We hope these changes will sharpen the Guardian’s identity as a long-range, versatile weapon, with its heavy penetration values and lower price providing some more nuanced choice competition to the rifle category of the arsenal.


  • Price reduced from 2700 >>> 2500
  • Rate of Fire reduced from 6.5 >>> 4.75
  • Penetration power increased from Medium >>> Heavy
  • Input queue updated from 0.083 >>> 0.1175

Map Changes

At the same time Valorant Patch 1.03 makes minor changes to the maps. A bug has been fixed on Haven that prevented the spike from being released at a certain point after it was dropped. All maps have been optimized with points that could be clipped through the level. In addition, points, where Sova's recon bolt could be shot through walls, have been revised.

Valorant Sova

Sovas recon bolt can no longer be shot through walls. (Image credit: Riot Games)

A New Orb in Spike Rush

With the final Valorant release, Riot Games introduced the new Spike Rush mode. We have already told you what it's all about in our guide. Update 1.03 adds a new type of orb to the popular game mode:

New Orb: Twin Hunters

  • Capturing the orb releases two hunting wolves to track down the two nearest enemies (from orb location, they will not change targets after spawning).
  • Wolves speed up when they spot an enemy and dash at them when close, slowing, and near-sighting for 4 seconds upon impact.
  • Wolves have 100 HP and can be damaged
  • Wolves will time out at 15 seconds, or when their target is killed

This sure is the most interesting orb so far as it adds a brand new variable with the two wolves. Whether they'll need to be rebalanced remains to be seen.

In addition, on the Split map, the middle ball on the defender's side has been moved to the middle platform to slightly reduce the defender's advantage.

A New Overtime Format in Competitive

Patch 1.03 brings a rather big change to the competitive side of Valorant.

  • Competitive matches have a new win-by-two overtime format with automated votes on whether the game should continue or end in a draw.

Players will now be able to vote whether the game should end in a draw. In case the match continues the team which gets a lead of two games will be the one to take that sweet sweet victory.

Quality of Life Changes

  • Unrated Mode vote requirements to pass changed from 100% to 80%
  • AFK players who are not spawning in are NOT counted as voting participants. So if a player is not spawning on your 5-person team, you don't need a yes. For example, you can surrender with 3/4 votes in unrated, in cases where the 5th team member does not spawn in.
  • Competitive Mode vote requirements to pass remains at 100%
  • You can now call a surrender vote starting with round 5 versus round 8
  • A new button in the in-game menu has been added to call a surrender vote
  • Transition screens and startup screens are now letterboxed
  • Fixed text overlap issues in the Battlepass and Contract screens in some languages
  • Players in custom games with cheats enabled can select a different Agent to use on the next round in the cheats menu.
  • Removing a friend will now prompt a confirmation dialogue
  • Pressing Escape while typing in the chatbox will clear the message

Valorant Patch 1.03 is now available for download. If you want to check the full log make sure to visit the official Valorant website.

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