The Raze is over

Valorant Patch 0.47 nerfs Raze, buffs Sage and more

Valorant raze

Valorant Patch 0.47 nerfs Raze. (Image credit: Riot Games)

The requested Raze Nerf is finally here! Riot Games has released a new update for the Valorant closed beta that finally takes care of the most hated agent. We'll tell you what changes the new Valorant Patch 0.47 brings.

Ha Raze, that's a stupid look, huh? Riot Games has released a new update for Valorant that finally takes care of the explosives expert. But the new Valorant patch 0.47 contains much more. The patch also brings changes to the soundscape of the tactical shooter.

Valorant Patch 0.47: It's here, at last, the Raze Nerf

Since the start of the closed beta for competitive shooter Valorant, players have been demanding a nerf for agent Raze. The explosives expert was simply too strong in the eyes of many due to her blast packs, hand grenades, and ultimate.

Her grenade skill Paint Shell was changed in the latest update. Instead of two charges, there is now only one, but a reset for the ability has been introduced. Just like other abilities in different agents two kills and another grenade will become available again.

In addition, the soundscape of all three abilities has been adjusted to make the use of them more audible for other players even in hectic game situations.

On the other hand, our beloved healer Sage was given a buff. Her Slow Orb finally slows down enemies in the air - such as a flying jet or players jumping through the ice field with bunny-hopping. The Overwatch Ice Machine Mei, which has some amazing parallels to Sage, is looking worse and worse in comparison.

But the latest update for the Valorant Beta contains much more.

All changes in Valorant Patch 0.47: The Patch Notes

The latest Valorant update makes various changes to the tactical shooter, which has been in the closed beta phase since the beginning of March.

Gameplay and balance

  • Melee attacks now deal double damage per strike to destructible items such as Sages Barrier or the metal double doors on Map Haven. A new Valorant map callout might be "Everybody knives the mid-doors!"


  • Number of paint shells reduced from 2 to 1
  • Paint Shells now have a kill reset: 2 kills are needed to reduce the cooldown
  • Audio for Paint Shells, Blast Pack and Showstopper was adapted
  • Fixed a rare bug that caused the 2nd cluster of paint shells to explode faster than planned. There is now a minimum duration before the explosion.

The reason for the nerf according to Riot Games:

"The goal with Raze is to have a highly threatening duelist who punishes enemies in predictable positions, but we felt that the clusters of grenades and their numbers created an overly oppressive scenario. We've also adjusted the tone so players can better identify when Raze uses her abilities."


  • Slow Orb now slows down players who are in the air in the target area
  • Players can now walk through the Slow Orb without making noise

Map updates

  • Fixed several exploits on Bind, Haven, and Split
  • Split: Orb was moved from B Mid to B Main

Riot Games wants to enable more pressure over the middle while increasing the incentive to control B Main.

Quality of Life

  • Outgoing network traffic of Valorant Client for players with high FPS numbers has been reduced
  • This is because some ISPs and network configurations slowed down the traffic of the game, which affected the gameplay. With the new update there should be no more gameplay effects.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a rare server crash where data packets were sometimes corrupted by a player's network connection
  • Cyphers Spycam can no longer deal damage
  • Fixed a bug where the audio range of the step noises was sometimes not displayed on the minimap
  • Whether the new Valorant Patch and the associated Raze Nerf is enough to noticeably weaken the hated agent remains to be seen. As always, you can read more about the whole world of Valorant at EarlyGame:

What exactly are Valorant Points? And what's the deal with radiant? Stay tuned for more Valorant updates.

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