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Valorant Oni & Sakura Skins Leaked!

Valoan Oni Skin Leak

The Valorant Oni Skins. (Image credit: Valorant Leaks via Twitter)

Valorant already revolutionized visuals with the Elderflame Dragon Skins. Now according to the next leak, we'll soon have even more spectacular skins: Oni-Skins & Sakura-Skins.

Valorant leaks can be found left and right, but some are more visually pleasing than others, like the two new skin bundles coming to Riot's tactical shooter. Whoever worked on mining the skins did a great job. The skins they fished out are absolutely amazing. You don't have to be a fan of samurai culture or Japan to appreciate them:


The Shogun is thirsty for these skins and some iced tea!

According to the Twitter account Valorant Leaks, the skins will be available from July 22 at 23:00 CET and cost 7,100 Valorant points.

The Oni-Skins are based on the design of the Japanese samurai and pechin. Like the painted shoulder plates of the elite warriors, individual elements with finely decorated works of art nestle up against the body of the weapon. The gold edges of the plates also look very noble.

Stylized samurai demon details give the weapons a filigree finish. The demonic appearance finds its climax in the secondary and close combat weapons. The knife is a double-bladed glove in the shape of a samurai mask. The blades represent two saber teeth. The design team did an outstanding job! At least that's what we'll say if the leak turns out to be true. The attention to detail is also evident in the rest of the concept of the weapon. They also have the look of an old muzzle-loading rifle, which corresponds to the heyday of the samurai. Speaking of the heyday, cherry blossom is called sakura in Japan and this brings us straight to the next skin leak.

Sakura Skins

The design of the Sakura skins is a bit more modern. They're very clean very clean and technical, but the pattern looks like a work of art from the pen of Katsushika Hokusai.

Wave Kanagawa

The great wave of Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai. (Image credit: Wikipedia)

It doesn't get any more Japanese than that. On the skins you can see the Fuji and the red sun on a white background - a beautiful version of the national flag. On top of that there are the cherry blossoms, one of the most important symbols in Japanese culture. Hopefully, this leak won't be a fake one.

We really hope that Riot will release it as soon as possible. After all, we are currently in the Japan/Samurai thanks to Ghost of Tsushima. Here you can watch our 60-seconds video about it:

There are still many questions remaining. Are the skins really coming? At what price will they be available? Will you get them? Share your opinion on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

If you want to see more Valorant Leaks, don't miss this video!

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