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Valorant: Omen Is Back Into Play

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Remember when Omen was unavailable in Valorant? That day is long-gone as Riot has already re-enabled the agent for all possible regions.

Valorant’s patch 1.07 nerfed Sage and Killjoy and that was highly anticipated. What came as a total surprise was the plethora of bugs surrounding Omen and some of the maps. So, what was wrong with Omen in the first place?

Players reported some serious bugs surrounding the agent that allowed him to teleport through the walls on Bind before the match even begins. This meant that for only 100 credits players could go through the wall and take a position or get some kills before any of the enemies even realize what’s going on.

The second exploit allowed Omen players to become invincible if his ultimate was used just at the end of the round. It certainly wasn’t easy to pull it off but it basically won you the game since Omen became invincible not just for the next round but for the entire game.

Needless to say, those were game-breaking and Riot tried to hotfix the problems, but ultimately failed. The next best decision came as no surprise. Thus Omen was removed from play and players could only speculate how long it’ll take before the agent makes a return. Initially, Riot thought the bug had something to do with the map itself and not Omen, but later realized that it was the agent all along.

A couple of hours later Riot was finally ready with a fix for all the bugs.

As of today, Omen is officially back in all regions. Hopefully, Riot managed to clear all the bugs in a single sweep.

Did you get to use the bug yourself? Was it used against you in a match? Tell us on our Facebook page!

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