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Valorant: New Knife Animations on the Way?

Valorant melee Weapons

New Animations incoming?

With the latest bundles in Valorant, the knives got some cool skins again. Now Riot Games seems to be thinking about new animations for the melee weapons. It's not like you ever use your melee attack, but it is cool to flex after a clutch.

In all FPS titles, the knives and melee weapons are the holy grail of all skins. Nothing looks nicer than being able to pull out your knife in style. The same is true for Valorant, where there are already some knife skins to choose from despite the game's short history. A Riot employee suggested that new animations for future knife skins would be possible.

The main reason for this is the strong backlash Riot received regarding the EGO and Smite Skin bundles. Both offered a new skin for the standard knife, but unfortunately, no special animation was created.

In a Reddit Post, a Riot employee also gave reasons for this. They were particularly interested in providing players with new content quickly. The development of more unusual animations takes too long, which would mean that players would have to wait a long time for new content. Furthermore, the dev indicated what the design process on would entail:

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