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The question should be - when?

Will Valorant Get a Mobile Version?

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Valorant became a huge hit in the competitive scene with many players leaving their old game to join in. After that success, is Valorant coming to mobile?

Riot’s new shooter has been quite popular in the world of esports with numerous events already behind us and plenty more coming up. Ever since the game got officially released on June 2, fans have been asking one question – is Valorant coming to mobile?

Valorant and Other Platforms

In one of the earlier #Ask Vlaorant blog posts Riot already mentioned that their main focus will be on the PC.

Our focus right now is on PC, We’re open to exploring new opportunities for other platforms, but for the time being what our current focus is is on the PC platform.

After all, Riot have a strong rival to take down in the face of Valve’s CS:GO. This doesn’t mean that Valorant won’t potentially be coming to consoles or mobile. It seems to be only a matter of “when”. We’ve seen other popular FPS titles like Fortnite and PUBG transition onto a mobile device, so Valorant doing the same is entirely within the realm of possibilities. There’s one difference between Valorant/CS:GO and Fortnite/PUBG though. The latter aren’t tactical shooters but battle royale. Riot’s latest shooter focuses a lot on team coordination, communication, and precise gunplay. All of that might not be possible on a phone but who knows, we might be wrong.

Most recently a data miner also found some interesting details about the game.

Riot’s Interest in the Mobile Scene

The company behind Valorant sure wants a piece of the mobile cake. Riot Games have already expressed their huge interest in the mobile market as we can clearly see with Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, and Wild Rift. All three titles are available on mobile and they’re just as popular as everyone expected them to be. In fact, Wild Rift is a mobile-only version of League of Legends, while the other two are available for all platforms. It’s clear that Riot Games are trying to cover as much ground as possible and Valorant coming to the comfort of your phone might be the next big thing. After all, Riot is owned by Tencent and the Chinese company already has a big share in the mobile market with PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor, and others.

This old tweet also indicates that Riot already has the mobile version of the game planned.

Playing Valorant on Your Phone

While there’s still no official Valorant release on mobile the internet is full of ways to supposedly get the game to work on a phone. We advise you to avoid those as there’s a high chance it’s either a scam, a virus, or both. For now, the best decision would be to stick to PC.

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