Complaints about Valorant maps

Are Valorant maps badly designed?

A shooutout on a Valorant map

Not everybody is happy with the Valorant maps (Image credit: Riot Games)

Throughout the Valorant beta, we’ve been able to experience the game on three maps: Bind, Haven and Split. For the game’s full release, there will be a fourth map, but for now, people are happy complaining about the three that exist. Some even say the maps have too many corners and hiding spots. Let's unpack this, shall we?

Constructive criticism?

Few gaming communities are shy when it comes to voicing their complaints on the games they play. After all, this is the internet – complaining about things is basically what it’s here for. The main complaint people have with the Valorant maps is that there simply are too many corners to check; too many hiding spots.

Add to that the fact that using your abilities, you can hide in a few extra spots and players are upset about this, to the point where they are now calling Valorant out for having bad map design. They say the maps give the defense an advantage over the offense.

An in-depth analysis on map design from a map designer’s perspective. (Image credit: exaltedjoss27 via YouTube)

So, does this criticism ring true or is this just another aspect of people being too used to CS:GO and applying the mindset that "If it works in CS:GO it should be this way in Valorant"?

A professional opinion on Valorant maps

Senior Game Designer for Riot Games Sal “Volcano” Garozzo has weighed in on the topic:

“There is a reason for it being that way, given how much flush utility and recon utility is in the game. Once teams get really proficient at using that on attacker’s side, it ends up being really helpful having those corners.”

Volcano stands firm by the game’s design choices. He makes the case that this is, once again, just a matter of people having to get used to playing a tactical shooter with hero abilities. Garozzo is a former Counter-Strike world champion and a renowned map designer. He designed Counter-Strike maps such as Cache, so he’s not new to designing for tactical shooters. Still, players are worried that the Valorant map design is too weak for long-term competitiveness.

“We’ve had versions of the maps without those corners. It gets really difficult to play any sort of spot with all those recon tools.”

Evidently, internal testing has already led to some map changes before the beta began. With Riot responding very actively on feedback, there is a good chance that this beta phase could lead to more map changes. After all, we’re often quick to forget that a beta phase is still an unfinished product and is intended for testing and final adjustments.

“We’re keeping an eye on it, seeing how it is going forward.”

Sal Garozzo on designing Valorant. (Image credit: Riot Games via YouTube)


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Valorant recently introduced ranked mode, so naturally, the competitive juices are now really flowing. We’re certain that given time, people will find more and more things to complain about and that’s not a bad thing: As long as these "complaints" are constructive criticism, more often than not they will make the final game that much better.

EarlyGame will naturally keep you up to date on all things Valorant until the full game drops.

Amidu Njiemoun

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