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Valorant Map Guide: Haven

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Valorant Map Guide: Haven (Image credit: Valorant)

In tactical shooters like Valorant, map knowledge and strategy is everything. So in order to help you lay out some strategies, we will guide you through each of Valorant’s three maps. We’re going to use a lot of map callouts, so refer to the pictures for clarity. This is going to get quite detailed, so get your study glasses ready.

A general piece of advice that holds true for all Valorant maps: Communication is crucial. This might be difficult when playing with strangers and randoms, but it really does make a huge difference. A lack of communication and coordination can often be the difference between having fun and just having a frustrating round.

Haven map

Valorant Map Guide: Full Haven Map. (Image credit: Blitz.gg)

Whereas Split favors the defenders more, Haven has a lot more options for the attackers and differs from the other maps in Valorant as it has three Spike sites.

Haven c

Valorant Map Guide: Haven, C-Site (Image credit: Blitz.gg)

Haven Map - C Site - Attackers Guide

Let’s move through the Haven map from left to right and start with C-Site: C-Site is the easiest site to push and can be attacked in two ways: You can approach via C-Long or the Garage area.

Pushing onto C via Garage, you will have to go through Bottom Mid and Mid Doors where you’ll always be under threat from Mid Courtyard on the right side. It’s best to have someone smoke or wall off the right side to Mid Courtyard so you don’t get any surprises there and can proceed to the next challenge in C-Window: Whoever is positioned here - and there should always be a defender there - will always have the drop on you and you’ll want to block their view with another smoke/wall.

A good Brimstone lends himself well to the attacking side on Haven as his Sky Smoke could even provide cover for his attacking teammates while he’s occupying an entirely different site. At least one agent with good smoke or wall abilities is definitely needed to rush C via Garage and it’s worth it:

If you succeed in getting to C via Bottom Mid, Mid Doors and Garage, you can be in planting territory within just 10 seconds.

Alternatively you can approach the Spike site via C-Long but it is important to note that the defense has visibility on the entire corridor and it’s a tough one to get through. Without smokes, you will simply be a sitting duck here, so proceed with caution and make use of C-Cubby.

Seeing as how C has two entry points with one being particularly quick, it lends itself well to rushing and once you have the plant down, you can use all its defensive options to defend the planted Spike.

Haven Map - C Site - Defenders Guide

As defense, you can hold Plat - a metal box on the right side of the site - as you have eyes on attackers coming through Connector via Garage and you can also hold an angle into C-Long. However, the angle you have on C-Long from Plat is admittedly not that great.

The better play here is to use the spot at the far end of the C-Site - behind the site-box - which gives you two much better angles on C-Long via the left and right side. The right side, Logs, also provides a good angle on Connector. Thus, from setting yourself up behind the site-box, you can cover both attacking entryways onto the site.

This is ideally combined with a second agent occupying C-Link & C-Window. Be careful here though: The walls on C-Window are bangable - which can also be used to your advantage. An agent like Cypher is perfect on C-Link & C-Window: He can use his Spycam and Trapwire for vision and roam between C & B-Site - as long as someone is stationed on C-Site and surveying C-Long.

Two people should be enough to hold down C. If you’re feeling really confident, a good Cypher can even lock down C-Site on his own with a well-placed Spycam on C-Long and a Trapwire on Garage.

Haven a

Valorant Map Guide: Haven, A-Site (Image credit: Blitz.gg)

Haven Map - A Site - Defenders Guide

Defenders first this time: On A-Site, Heaven gives you eyes on all entry points to the site: Ramp via A-Long and Towers via A-Short. Be mindful though, because Heaven will also be the first spot attackers check upon entering A-Site and you can be wall-banged. It’s still always a good idea to have one person up on Heaven though.

This is best teamed up with someone taking cover by the A-Box and covering the Towers entryway, so that the agent on Heaven can fully focus on anyone coming through A-Long. You can also combine that with a third person roaming A Tunnel to support on A-Site while also keeping an eye on B.

It’s good to always have two people on A, as Heaven is really best suited to hold A Long, which often leaves Ramp open.

Haven Map - A Site - Attackers Guide

A is tough to get to via A-Long because the defense will most definitely have someone on Heaven or on site in an advantageous position covering the entryway. If you do approach via A-Long, make you smoke out or wall off Heaven entirely - top and bottom - to gain the upper hand and get onto the site.

A-Short is a much more preferable approach: Team up to cover every angle once you exit A-Short and move onto the site via Towers and try to get on-site with numbers. Once you breach A-Site, you can use the many boxes to your advantage. We really recommend attacking A in numbers. If you have teammates that communicate and agree to your plan, this will provide a very safe and strategic approach to taking A, allowing you to cover every spot rather than rolling the dice on A-Long.

Haven b

Valorant Map Guide: Haven, B-Site (Image credit: Blitz.gg)

Haven Map - B Site - Defenders Guide

On B you should only have one person - either in Back B or A-Link, especially if you have someone on C-Site covering C Link and acting as a roaming defender for B & C.

As B only has one entryway, defending it from just A -Link or C-Link can be good enough. Again, Cypher is really well suited for this job, as he can roam safely with Spycam and Trapwire.

If the attackers do go for B, all you need is good communication as B is an easy rotate for both A & C defenders.

Haven Map - B Site - Attackers Guide

B is a tricky site to attack, as you can easily get pinched in from the A & C defenders who have an easy rotate here. But if you do decide to go for B, you’ll want to immediately get to B-Back and take cover behind the little wooden shield-wall, which gives you great visibility of the whole room and any rotators coming in. Careful though: The wall in the back is bangable. Also mind that there might already be a defender having taken cover behind there just waiting for you.

Getting into B, you will need smokes to block off C-Link and A-Link, from which you can be sure the defense will be rotating over.


That’s it for our guide on Haven. Class dismissed. Check back tomorrow for our third and final Valorant map guide on Bind. Until then, EarlyGame has all you need and more on Valorant right here.

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