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Valorant Map Guide: Bind

Valorant bind map

Valorant Map Guide: Bind. (Image credit: Valorant)

In tactical shooters like Valorant, map knowledge and strategy is everything. So in order to help you lay out some strategies, we will guide you through each of Valorant’s three maps. We’re going to use a lot of map callouts, so refer to the pictures for clarity. This is going to get quite detailed, so get your study glasses ready.

A general piece of advice that holds true for all Valorant maps: Communication is crucial. This might be difficult when playing with strangers and randoms, but it really does make a huge difference. A lack of communication and coordination can often be the difference between having fun and just having a frustrating round.

Bind map

Valorant Map Guide: Full Bind Map. (Image credit: Blitz.gg)

Bind is the most balanced out of the three maps. It has two Spike sites but differentiates itself from the others maps by having teleporters., which opens up new gameplay possibilities.

Bind b

Valorant Map Guide: Bind, B-Site. (Image credit: Blitz.gg)

Bind Map - B Site - Defenders Guide

Let’s move through the Bind map from left to right: B has two entryways for the attackers, Hookah & B-Window as well as B-Long & Garden. A good strategy for the defense is to plant someone to the left of B Site at B-Cubby in order to lock down anybody coming through B-Long. While you can peek into Hookah from here, you expose yourself while you do, so peek with caution (always peek with caution, life lessons here, folks).

Another good spot on B is defending from behind the site box: From here you can defend Garden as well as Hookah.

Defending from way back and shooting out the opening on B-Hall is not preferable as you have no eyes on who is coming via B-Long and can’t stop the attackers from planting.

However, B-Elbow is a solid spot and gives you the drop on anyone coming onto the site via Garden. Also, any peekers from B-Window are also within your crosshairs with just a tiny flick. The downside here on B-Elbow is that you have no cover.

Another tactic is to set one defender up inside Hookah, as attackers have to check a lot of angles when entering, which you can use to your advantage and stop them before they even get close to B-Site. On Eco rounds, you can use a shotgun in Hookah as it is all close-quarters in there and you’ll have the drop on most attackers entering.

The priority on defense is to defend B-Long as it gives the enemy access to the teleporter on B-Port, which gives them a direct and immediate link to the other side of the map.

Bind Map - B Site - Attackers Guide

B-Long is very important. Control of B-Long gives you control of the teleporters, which really opens up the map: If you’re getting nowhere on B, you can immediately rotate to A.

When advancing from B-Long & Garden onto the site, you’ll wanna check for anyone camping behind the site box and the angle to your left. Once you’re on site, you need to check the Elbow area. Attackers coming in from Hookah also have a good shot at any defender on Elbow. Once you take B-Elbow, you have access to B-Hall, which is important for picking off potential rotates once you plant.

If you want to push through Hookah, you usually should take a teammate with you, as there are a lot of angles to check. You’ll also need to use your utility to smoke out the room before entering.

When planting, most people plant on the attacker-side of the site-box, as it gives you eyes on all entry points. If you’re certain that no one is coming from B-Hall or that you’ve secured it, you can also plant behind the site box.
Sometimes people also like to plant within the site box. Yes, this gives you more security but that also goes double for anyone possibly defusing the Spike later on.

Bind a

Valorant Map Guide: Bind, A-Site. (Image credit: Blitz.gg)

Bind Map - A Site - Defenders Guide

Heaven is definitely a prime spot on defense as it offers visibility on all entries to A-Site. Ideally, you have someone with an Operator up here. This makes Heaven your primary spot and anchor for defense.

Below you set up the support for Heaven: Behind the site-boxes and/or Truck you can move around to have good angles onto A-Short and Showers. Even better though is setting up right below Heaven: From here you have visibility on both Showers and A-Short without moving. Careful however: When you peek on Showers (that’s an odd little sentence), you’re vulnerable to an attack for A-Short unless you move to use the site boxes for cover.

Showers is perfect for shotgun eco rounds: It only has one entry way and you can hug the wall and play the corners with your shotty.

While contesting the teleporter on B is crucial, contesting A-Port is much less important as the teleport itself covers less distance. Also: If the enemy team does teleport, don’t necessarily chase after them immediately. Often it’s better to rotate to B through your spawn. This might catch the enemy off guard, rather than you falling into their trap by teleporting after them.

Bind Map - A Site - Attackers Guide

When attacking Showers, be mindful of B-Port Exit behind you - you have less than a second to react once you hear the sound of someone teleporting and can easily get pinched between an A defender and a rotating B defender.

Taking Showers is difficult as it has a lot of corners that you need to check and is so close-quarters. Even worse is the door from Showers onto A-Site: Yes the goal is in sight, but you might have defenders set up all over A Site, ready to pop you in that Showers door. Phoenix’ ultimate Run It Back can be a gamechanger here as it allows you to get a safe scope on A site, while also maybe securing a kill, allowing the rest of your team to follow up more safely.

Be particularly mindful of the angle to your right, Tower, when exiting the Showers-doors: It’s a prime camping spot for defenders.

If you approach A-Site via A-Short you have to be aware of aggressive defenders that might push to get the drop on you. Also, once you clear A-Short and get to A-Port, be careful: The whole entry to A-Site can be locked down by the defenders. What you want to do here is have an agent that can wall off the entire entryway so that you can switch up your angle. This also gives you a chance to move on to U-Hall to layer your attack and have several angles.

When in doubt make use of the teleporter and pivot your attack to B-Site.

The little nook by the site-boxes is usually the default plant on A-Site. Bonus tip: The boxes on A are not fully bangable - the metal pieces on them do provide non-penetrable cover.


That’s it for Bind, the last map in our guides of all three Valorant maps. Class dismissed.

We hope that these guides were helpful and don’t forget to check out the rest of our Valorant section for more tips and news.

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