Valorant Map Guide: Ascent

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Valorant Map Guide: Ascent
The newest addition to the Valorant map rotation: Ascent. (Image credit: Riot Games)

In tactical shooters like Valorant, map knowledge and strategy is everything. So in order to help you lay out some strategies, we will guide you through each of Valorant’s maps. We’re going to use a lot of map callouts, so refer to the pictures for clarity. This is going to get quite detailed, so get your study glasses ready.

A general piece of advice that holds true for all Valorant maps: Communication is crucial. This might be difficult when playing with strangers and randoms, but it really does make a huge difference. A lack of communication and coordination can often be the difference between having fun and just having a frustrating round.

Valorant Map Guide: Ascent
The full Ascent Map (Image credit:

Ascent is the newest addition to the Valorant Map rotation. The fourth map, released with patch 1.0 is set in Italy. Noticeably, Ascent has a large open middle area that is crucial to controlling the map. Attackers will always try to take control of Mid. Other than that, there are a lot of choke points, making this map a bit more defender favored: Mid is hard to conquer, due to its open nature and the choke points are also tough to break through. In that regard, Ascent is similar to Split which also has very difficult choke points for the attackers to overcome.

Ascent Map - Mid - Defenders Guide

Valorant Map Guide: Ascent
Ascent Map Guide: Mid. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Let’s start with Mid, which is the cornerstone to successfully defending and/or attacking Ascent. Mid control is very important on this new map.

The default defensive setup on Ascent is to have one dedicated player on Mid Catwalk, two dedicated players near Mid Market and one dedicated defender on A & B Site each. Thus, for Mid you will have three defenders in total. This might seem like a lot, but A & B are easily defended thanks to their choke points and Mid is so vast, open and crucial to the flow of the game that you will need the numbers here.

The catwalk is a quick rotate to A, while Mid Market is an even quicker rotate to B. Naturally this makes communication - or at least awareness - crucial. If no one is pushing Mid, be ready to rotate to help on the sites. However: Never leave Mid without a defender unless the attackers have a committed push with a confirmed Spike sighting.

On Catwalk, most of the time, you will get smoked out by the attackers, so be aware of that. Generally you want your best Operator user up on Catwalk to take advantage of the open nature of Mid.

Ascent Map - Mid - Attackers Guide

Mid control opens up the map, thus you should have three people attacking mid. One person should generally always contest the ultimate orbs on A & B Site each and put pressure on those sites in general. Of course, you can switch up this 3-1-1 formula by going for a surprising hard push on A or B.

When pushing Mid, the theme is simple: Smokes, smokes, smokes. You will not get anywhere in your attack on Mid unless you smoke out the defense. If the defense has an Operator user on catwalk, you should smoke Catwalk itself and Mid Bottom. Alternatively, you can flash the area to get the sniper off his angle.

You can vary the Mid attack by going for 2 people coming in via Mid Link and one via Catwalk, or three via Mid-Link… whatever tickles your fancy.

The reason taking Mid is so important is because it opens up both A & B Site. Which Site to go for should be based on how the defense is set up. If they stacked Catwalk, go for B-Site. If they stacked Mid Market, go for A-Site.

Ascent Map - B-Site - Defenders Guide

Valorant Map Guide: Ascent
Ascent Map Guide: B-Site. (Image credit: Riot Games)

On B-Site you should only have one defender. This defender should however always be backed up by one or two of the Mid defenders that are sticking close to Mid Market. Generally your goal as the B-Site defender is to lock down B-Main, which has a choke point that you can use in your favour. You don’t want to be defending on the B-Site itself, as it will give the entry to Mid Market away to the attackers and allow your teammates on Mid to get pinched.

Thus, the name of the game is keep away: Your job is to stay alive and delay the attackers from getting through B-Main. Naturally, this makes Sage and her wall a very good choice here. Don’t use all of your utility until there is a confirmed enemy presence - since you want to delay the attackers as much as possible, you want to play rather conservatively. If you do run out of utility, let one of your two teammates near Mid Market know early enough, so that they can rotate and help you lock down the choke point before the battle spills over onto B-Site.

If the attackers do breach B-Site, keep in mind that you can always lock the door to Mid-Market, should they try to get to Mid from B. Even more important though: Don’t close the door unless necessary, because you will cut off your own teammates’ rotate.

If you do get pushed onto B-Site or choose to defend from there with a different setup, note that you can wall penetrate the wall to B Main with high wall pen weapons

Another viable tactic is to attack from just before you enter B-Site from the Defenders Spawn: There are two spots with boxes that you can climb as Jett or with the help of a Sage, that give you a dominant angle over the entire site and its entry points

Ascent Map - B-Site - Attackers Guide

You’ll most likely find yourself attacking B-Site on your own and that’s fine - loading Mid is more important. When attacking B, it is important to go for an early presence in B-Main. You want to contest the ultimate orb immediately. If the defender tries to go for the orb, you’ll have an easy kill. If you do get a kill on B, push instantly. It is very likely that there was only one defender on B and you don’t want to give the teammates time to rotate over. When pushing for the site as the sole Spike carrier, you can shut the door to cut off the rotate to buy yourself some time or go for the immediate plant - the choice is yours.

If you decide to attack B in a duo, it’s preferable to have a Sage with you: Using Sage's wall on top of the boxes where the ultimate orb is located, allows you to peek B-Site through the small, barred windows. A solo Sage can obviously even do this on her own. Be careful though: The walls to B-Main can be penetrated from B-Site.

When pushing as two, the same principle applies: After the kill, go for the immediate plant. As you are now in twos, it is a good strategy for the one that is not carrying, to shut the door to Mid and defend it, while the other one goes for the plant.

Ascent Map - A-Site - Defenders Guide

Valorant Map Guide: Ascent
Ascent Map Guide: A-Site. (Image credit: Riot Games)

A is a very open bomb site that offers a lot of stuff to hide behind. The gameplay on A-Site is straightforward: Lock up the choke point leading from A-Main to A-Site. Our preferred way to defending A-Site is from A-Rafters. This is a great spot for an Operator user to lock down the site. Now, you probably have your best Operator user on Catwalk to hold down Mid (you should), but this is where your secondary sniper comes into play.

You shouldn’t have to worry much about A-Link as that should be covered by your teammates defending Mid. If you hear a strong push coming towards A from A-Main, communicate that early enough, to get back-up from your Catwalk defender or one of the Mid defenders.

If there is a push coming your way from Mid, you’re going to have a tough time, but you can delay that push by shutting the doors that lead from Mid to A-Site.

Ascent Map - A-Site - Attackers Guide

Usually, you will have the majority of your attack force trying to take Mid. With one person on B, that means one person is left to attack A. The main goal is to immediately pressure the defender, contest the ultimate orb and keep him from being able to help out on Mid. If you do get the kill, be mindful of the rotate from Catwalk. If you have the Spike, plant and consider shutting the doors to Mid before you do. If you don’t have the Spike, you can pinch the Mid Defenders, moving in through A-Link and Mid Cubby.

An alternative strategy is to go for a strong team push onto A-Site. For that to work, you should have three people going in via A-Main. Have those three make their presence known first to lure over the defense from Catwalk and Mid Market. Then, you have two more attackers pushing through Mid via Catwalk - with the three attackers coming in via A-Main, the ones coming through Mid should be faced with less opposition.

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