The mode will be a Free-For-All!

Valorant Leaks: Deathmatch Is Coming Soon!

Valorant Deathmatch

Image credit: Riot Games

The next Valorant leak is out. Data miners have discovered new information about the deathmatch mode. Is it finally happening? Find out what's new!

The prominent Valorant data miner "Mang0eLeaks" collected every scrap of new information hidden in patch 1.04. Among the strings of the new code was a reference to a Deathmatch mode via Haven, Split and Bind. So now it's safe to say that we can finally expect the mode to drop soon.

Valorant DM leak

Image credit: Mang0eLeaks via Reddit

How the Valorant Deathmatch Works

Explicitly listed as a game mode in the new lines of code, Deathmatch has several phases. The players are dropped onto one of three maps and start in a "warm-up" phase. This will apparently appear on the screen until the lobby changes into the actual game.

It's impossible to say exactly how the mode will work, although the name suggests that it is modeled after the traditional deathmatch of other FPS titles such as CS:GO. If you die, you will respawn after a short time and continue on the hunt for kills. A lot of speed and action, a shot in the back every now and then. Whoever has eliminated the most opponents at the end wins. Deathmatch will be perfectly suited to get all warmed up for a normal or a ranked game.

At the moment everything points to the mode becoming Free For All (FFA), so it's every man for himself.

When Will It Happen?

A date for the upcoming Valorant mode is not yet set in stone, but we can still speculate. The first act of the game is expected to end on August 2, when the next one will probably arrive. With this, not only agents and new cosmetics may come, but also the Deathmatch. Everyone's waiting on Riot to deliver. The company has made plans for multiple acts per episode, with major updates every few months. A Deathmatch mode would certainly attract new players and maybe bring old ones back.

We're eager to see if our suspicions are confirmed in early August and what Riot has in store for Valorant. Expect further updates on the topic.

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