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Valorant Leak: New Snowball Mode Coming This Winter!

Valorant Icebox Snowball

Will we get a new Valorant mode this winter? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

According to a new leak, Riot is planning a new fun mode for Valorant. The new game mode will be called Snowball and is expected to be released during Valorant Act 3.

Valorant will most likely have a new fun mode coming our way this winter. As a leak now reveals, a mode called Snowball is to be introduced as a big, special winter event. Of course, this doesn't come as a big surprise, as Riot Games are also known for their regular events in League of Legends. So... can we expect a Valorant-style, uhm... tactical snowball fight?

So far, however, we can do nothing but speculate. Apart from a few file names, little is known. However, the code 'Tag=Modes.Snowball' clearly indicates the possible name of the mode. The appended words 'Bouncy', 'Growball', 'RapidFire' and 'Skate' could either be hints for possible game mechanics, available orbs or mode-specific ability adaptions.

There's been no official confirmation from Riot as of yet. It is likely that the new mode will be published in the course of Act III. It is not clear whether the currently active mode Spike Rush will have to make way for it. One way or another, Riot's plans for new fun modes in Valorant seem to be in motion.

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Original article written by EarlyGame's Nikolas Krudewig.