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Valorant: the known agents and their abilities

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Valorant characters offer a lot of options to pick from. (Image credit: Riot Games)

In early March, Riot Games presented Valorant, their new first-person shooter. So far, eight characters, the so-called agents, have been confirmed. Today, we’ll introducе you to these characters and their special abilities.

In the summer of 2020, League of Legends creator Riot Games is set to release Valorant, a competitor for CS:GO and Overwatch, which combines elements of both shooters and reaches for the crown in the genre of tactical shooters with interesting new ideas.

A total of eight agents have been confirmed so far, all of them drawing on their own personal skills. Further characters are to follow in the course of time. We will provide you with an overview of the already known faces and their abilities.


Brimstone is a classic support with versatile skills. His abilities allow him to steer the battle in the direction he wants and give his own team an advantage.

  • Ability #1: Incindiary - Launches a fire grenade that creates a fire field that deals damage to enemies.
  • Ability #2: Stim Beacon - Summons a supply pack that provides rapid fire to all nearby allies.
  • Signature ability: Sky Smoke - Using the map, you can request an orbital wall of smoke anywhere on the map, which will limit all players' visibility.
  • Ultimate Ability: Orbital Strike - Use the map to determine the location of a devastating orbital strike that will pulse with high damage for several seconds
Valorant Bombardement Brimstone

Brimstone's Ultimate ability causes powerful damage in the target area. (Image credit: Riot Games)


Jett is an agile and fast assassin, who impresses above all with high mobility and is accordingly difficult to hit. She is ideal for hitting quickly and thanks to her abilities she can get away just as fast.

  • Ability #1: Cloudburst - Throws a cloud of fog that impairs vision. By holding down the ability button, you can determine the cloud's trajectory.
  • Ability #2: Updraft - This ability allows Jett to catapult herself into the air.
  • Signature ability: Tailwind - An instantaneous jump over a short distance in the direction you are moving.

Ultimate Ability: Blade Storm - Arm yourself with deadly throwing knives that deal moderate damage, but kill instantly on a head hit. A kill replenishes used throwing knives.

Valorant Jett Wurfmesser

Head hits from Jett's throwing knives are lethal. (Image credit: Riot Games)


Omen loves to hunt in the dark. He is perhaps the most tricky character in the Roster of Valorant and even able to teleport himself anywhere on the map.

  • Ability #1: Paranoia - Shoots a shadow in a straight line, making all enemies hit "shortsighted", possibly blinded.
  • Ability #2: Shadow Walk - After a short recharge, Omen teleports himself over short distances on the map.
  • Signature ability: Dark Cover - You send out an invisible orb, which explodes at the end and obscures your view in a radius. Can be charged, increasing the distance.
  • Ultimate Ability: From the Shadows - Choose a location on the map to teleport to. Omen will appear there as a shadow for a short time before it becomes vulnerable. If killed, it will return to the starting point – alive.


Cypher's main task is to gather important information about the opponents and thus give your team an advantage.

  • Ability #1: Trapwire - Places an invisible tripwire between two walls. If an opponent trips it, it will be held in place for a short time and revealed to your team.
  • Ability #2: Cyber Cage - Throws a trap that can be activated from a distance. Activation creates a cage that slows down enemies inside. Pressing a key activates a trap, holding it down triggers all thrown traps.
  • Signature ability: Spycam - Places a camera that monitors an area. Can be activated to shoot arrows that reveal enemy positions.
  • Ultimate Ability: Neural Theft - Extracts information from a fallen enemy, reveals the position of all living enemies.


This character is fire and flame - in the truest sense of the word. Phoenix is a strong warrior who uses fire magic to go into battle.

  • Ability #1: Hot Hands - Throws a fireball that explodes after a short delay or contact. Inflicts damage and heals Phoenix.
  • Ability #2: Blaze - Creates a wall of flame that blocks sight and deals damage to anyone passing through it.
  • Signature ability: Curveball - Throws a flare that explodes after a short delay, briefly blinding anyone who looks inside. Can be thrown around corners with left and right spin.

Ultimate ability: Run it back - Marks your current position. If you die while the ability is active or runs out, you will awaken again with full life energy at the selected location.

Valorant Charaktere

Eight Valorant characters have been revealed, more to follow. (Image credit: Riot Games)


Sage is the healer among Valorant characters. Her abilities remind those of Mercy in Overwatch.

  • Ability #1: Slow Orb - Throws a ball that explodes on contact and creates a slowing field. Enemies moving through the field cannot jump.
  • Ability #2: Barrier Orb - Creates a large wall that cannot be crossed. Can be rotated before placement.
  • Signature ability: Healing Orb - Heals an ally or yourself to full HP.
  • Ultimate ability: Resurrection - Revives a targeted fallen ally with full health.


The tracker and hunter among the characters. Sova relies on his bow and an owl drone, which are extremely useful to his team.

  • Ability #1: Shock Bolt - Shoots an explosive arrow that emits a pulsing wave of damage when it hits.
  • Ability #2: Owl Drone - Creates a steerable drone that fires an arrow that exposes enemies for your team.
  • Signature ability: Recon Bolt - Fires a sonar arrow that reveals enemy positions near the impact point. The arrow can be destroyed.

Ultimate Ability: Hunter's Fury - Fires up to three energy arrows that fly across the map. Affected players are revealed and take high damage.

Valorant Gameplay 1

Valorant promises tactical battles with varied agents. (Image credit: Riot Games)


The cunning Viper is all about poison and corrosive acid. It is able to inflict enormous damage on enemies and rob them of their sight.

  • Ability #1: Snakebite - Fire a puddle of acid as a projectile, damaging all enemies inside.
  • Ability #2: Poison Cloud - Throws a gas emitter into a location that can be activated to create a poisonous cloud. Consumes fuel.
  • Signature ability: Toxic Screen - Places a long line of gas emitters that create a massive wall of deadly gas against fuel.
  • Ultimate Ability: Viper's Pit - Creates a large toxic cloud around itself that remains active until Viper leaves it. Enemies inside the cloud are revealed.
Valorant Viper

Viper uses nasty poison and deadly gas to damage enemies. (Image credit: Riot Games)

And that’s it. These are all the characters known to us thus far. Which one are you going to use the most? Is there any broken character that pops up immediately? Share your thoughts below!

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