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Valorant Ignition Series: Pop Flash Finals

Valorant Ignition Series

The Top Teams in NA Frag and Flash in this Pop Plash Finals (Image credit: Flashpoint/B-Site/Riot Games)

50,000 big ones were up for grabs for the latest winners of the Valorant Ignition Series supported by Riot games. The Pop Flash Finals had all the best NA squads repping in this tournament, but only one can take home the top prize - find out now!

Four teams fought it out in the last days of competition, Cloud9, Team Envy, Sentinels, and Dignitas. The finals had team Sentinels face off against team Envy in the best of five finals. Sentinels took it all down showing they are the current team to beat in the NA scene. The Top four teams cashed the tournament:

  • 1st: Sentinels - $25,000
  • 2nd: Team Envy - $12,500
  • 3rd: Cloud9 - $7,500
  • 4th: Dignitas - $5,000

This adds another great set of matches in the Ignition Series sponsored by Riot Games, but is the last one planned for North America.

Cloud9 was the only team to take a map off of Sentinel's Hands leading up to the grand finals beating them on Split (13-10) in the Upper Bracket Finals. In Game 3, Sentinel's Hunter "SicK" Mims came through in a tight spot to steal a round from Cloud9. And eventually beating them on Haven (13-11) to clinch their Grand Finals spot. Envy was also able to best Cloud 9 in the lower bracket finals (2-0) eliminating them from the tournament, a 3rd place finish for the well-known esports organization.

Sentinels Hunter "SicK" Mims Sick Play on Haven Via Flashpoint's Twitter

Sentinels Jay "Sinatraa' Won with the clutch plays lead to the easy 3-0 in the grand finals over Envy:

Maps and Wins Bo5

The Best of Five finals had Sentinels crush Team Envy on 3 maps in a row:

  • Haven: Sentinels 13 - 9 Envy
  • Bind: Sentinels 13 - 7 Envy
  • Split: Sentinels 13 - 8 Envy

The playoff brackets show Sentinels rise, Team Envy's Defeat, and Cloud9's fall:

Valorant Pop Flash

Pop Flash Playoff Brackets (Image Credit: Liquipedia/Riot Games)

Where will the Ignition Series lead? We think Riot is watching the scene closely and perhaps have something big planned in the near future. Maybe the best teams from the Ignition Series are invited to compete over a larger prize pool worthy of our attention. Nothing is announced yet - but a person can hope that we get something big!

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