Asia Pacific shows off Valorant Talent

Valorant Ignition Series - Pacific Open

Valorant Pacific series logo

The Grand Finals (Image credit: Riot Games / Cyber Games Arena)

Riot Games is taking a grassroots approach with developing the Valorant esports scene, and the Ignition Tournament Series is their answer. Small-sized tournaments have been held globally with smaller prize pools. And this week the Asia-Pacific region battled for a $20,000 prize pool in the Pacific Open.

Ahq e-Sports Club and Attack All Around faced off in the Grand Finals of the Pacific Open and went to war. And the teams gave us a grand final that went five full games before the best agents could ascend to 1st place. Ahq cliched the final game on Haven with a convincing 13:8 victory and winning a nice $13,000. Attack All Around's 2nd place finish awarded $5,000.

Valorant pacific open card

Grand Finals Face Off (Image credit: Riot Games / Cyber Games Arena)

But before the Grand Final's winner AHQ got the GG, The group stage battles took place on August 17-19. The top teams that dominated the round-robin were:

  • BOOM Esports
  • Attack All Around
  • Ahq e-Sports Club

AHQ, The Agents with All the Moves

Ahq e-Sports Club sent in their deadliest agents for the Asia-Pacfic Ignition Series by sweeping the playoffs and Groups. They didn't even drop a game on their climb to the grand finals match. Only Attack All Around could stop their momentum taking the grand finals to 5 maps.

Pacific Open Grand Finals Breakdown:

Ahq and AAA trade blows and the map Haven decides it all.

  • Bind: ahq 13:7 AAA
  • Ascent: ahq 6:13 AAA
  • Haven: ahq 8:13 AAA
  • Split: ahq 13:8 AAA
  • Haven: ahq 13:8 AAA

The playoff brackets show that Ahq is a force to look out for:

Valorant grand finals pacific open bracket

Grand Finals Pacific Open (Image credit: Riot Games / Cyber Games Arena)

The community is hungry for more competitive Valorant as the scene is gaining momentum. We hope for bigger and bigger prize pools. The Ignition Series is a good start and the right direction for Riot games to take this growing competitive scene. I believe competitive games live and die on their esports scene. Riot knows this, and the hype for Valorant pushes forward with Riot supporting its community.

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