TSM vs. T1 in the Grand Final

Valorant Ignition Series NA: T1 vs. TSM in a double clash!

T1x NSG Champions

Team Solo Mid are the first winners of the first official North American Valorant tournament. (Image credit: T1 via Twitter)

There is a winner in the North America region in the Valorant Ignition Series! The biggest highlights of the weekend can be found here:

We've waited a long time for the Valorant Ignition Series to start in North America. With the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers VALORANT Showdown our daring came to an end. The star teams and pro-rosters were just about to be finished. The qualifiers were all or nothing the weekend before!

The Group Stage

The preliminary round was held in four groups. In BO1 matches the teams could qualify for the playoffs. Sentinels, T1 and TSM dominated their groups with 3-0 wins each. FaZe Clan struggled with their group but still managed to take lead. Cloud9 on the other hand were gone by the end of the group stage. The most exciting team by far was Together We Are Terrific. They were the only team coming from qualifiers to reach the playoffs and even took a map from the almost invincible TSM.

Team Ninja was especially drastic. The famous streamer, who was in the headlines recently together with Shroud because of the Mixer off, suffered three bitter defeats in a row.

T1x NSG Gruppenphase

In the group phase, there was a bitter fight for the 2nd place. The top was made by the favorites. (Image credit: T1 via Twitter)

The Playoffs: Exciting Lower-Bracket Action

What more can be said... TSM has proven once again that they are the gods of Valorant Olympus. The tournament was not a competition, but rather a display of TSM's power. In the whole tournament, they only lost two maps (against the qualifier Together We Are Terrific and against T1).

T1x NSG Playoffs

One team dominated the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers VALORANT Showdown. (Image credit: Gamepedia)

Much more exciting were the battles of Lower Bracket. The first BO1 matches were encounters of superlatives. FaZe Clan vs. Sentinels or Immortals vs. 100T made our weekend sweeter - which was probably also due to the fact that the confrontation constellation would otherwise only have been possible in the final. The end of the playoffs, however, was only between three teams - Immortals, T1 and TSM.

The Grand Final: A One-Sided Win for TSM


Team Solo Mid won the title. (Source: TSM via Twitter)

After T1 was catapulted into the Lower Bracket in a thrilling 2-1 against TSM, the team of Skadoodle and Brax had to beat Immortals again. The Loser's Final went to the tournament host, but the last match was not marked by glorious revenge.

In the BO5 series, fans were hoping for a gladiator fight with fierce exchanges of blows. However, the result was very one-sided. With a sovereign 3-0, TSM took all maps and completely stomped T1 in their final moments. You can check the full footage of the grand final here:

Another NA Winner

Empire Invitational DV

Divine Vendetta are the first winner in the North Africa region. (Image credit: Empire Play via Twitter)

In the other NA region, North Africa, a winner was also chosen this weekend. Team Divine Vendetta dominated the region and did not lose a single map. In the final, they won 3-0 against Viboras.

Upcoming Ignition Series Tournaments

From July 2 to July 3 the North and South tournament matches of the Latin America region will take place. We are curious about what is coming up in the GGTech x Ignition.


(Image credit: Riot Games)

The Valorant Pacific Open of the South-East Asia region will be held immediately afterward.


(Image credit: Riot Games)

One event lies even further in the future, the ORDER Oceanic VALORANT Open. The qualifiers for it will commence on July 3, but the playoffs and the Grand Final are only scheduled at the end of the month July 26.

More news about the Valorant Ignition Series and everything from the world of gaming and esports can be found on EarlyGame as well as our YouTube channel.

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