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Valorant Ignition Series: LVL Clash 2 Winners

Valorant lvl clash 2 poster

The Best Volorant Teams in Europe (Image Credit: LVLGlobal/Riot Games)

Another Valorant Ignition Series has concluded - but this time we are in Europe! The Valorant LVL Clash 2 showcased the best Europe has to offer in the ever-growing Valorant esports scene. We have the winners and losers right here, right now, so ready up because the results are in!

The Ignition Tournament Series is blazing forward and showing what Valorant has to offer to us esports fanatics. Four teams took to the Valorant battlefield: Bonk, G2 Esports, NiP and FPX for the European Region.

G2 Esports are your European Clash LVL 2 Finals Winner!

G2 Esports won the best of three grand finals over Bonk 2:0 but each team still walked away with that sweet cash prize.

  • 1st: G2 Esports €7,500
  • 2nd: Bonk €3,500
  • 3rd-4th: FPX & NiP- €1,500

G2 Esports has the talk and the game to back it - they won groups with an easy 2-0 and showed they had the skills to win the grand finals with ease never dropping a game. Winning both Split (13-8) and Ascent (13-4). Bonk came out of nowhere in this tournament and showed that they are a team that can contend with the top.

G2 Esports' Climb to The Finals.

They battled through the groups and into the finals crushing many good teams along the way. The favorites going into the final day of competition were G2 Esports by a large margin and was also predicted by the fans following the tournament on Twitter.

Before the grand finals match team member Ardis "ardiis" Svarenieks threw some mad shade at the entire Bonk roster in an interview. Claiming he would "disband" his team if they lost! - Not exactly a show of good sportsmanship. Warning! The tweet is NSFW and contains harsh language - click at your own discretion!

Every result matters in an emerging esports scene. Every team has something to prove. Twitch chat favorite Bonk upset NiP eliminating them from the finals. G2 Esports are all business easily winning the tournament. This is how the playoff bracket went down:

Valorant clash finals

Playoff Brackets (Image Credit: LVL/Riot Games/Liquipedia)

Where will the Ignition Series lead? We guess Riot is watching the scene and the teams closely and have something big planned. We predict a bigger international tournament in Valorant's future where the best teams from the Ignition Series are invited to duke it out over a larger prize pool worthy of Riot's AAA name. Nothing is announced yet - but fingers crossed, agents that we get something big!

For everything gaming and esports, you got to check out EarlyGame! Keep up to date with all Valorant tournaments on our landing page or dig into our guides like Valorant Agent Guide: Raze.

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