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Valorant: How to Play Cypher


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Riot Games set out to conquer the esports scene. They already have the most popular MOBA in the world with League of Legends and now the FPS genre appears to be next. With Valorant, the company became a direct rival to both Overwatch and CS:GO. Numerous players from both titles have left their game and decided to pursue a career in Riot’s tactical shooter.

Most recently Riot announced the next big thing with First Strike, an extended tournament organized entirely by the company. When it comes to actual gameplay and content, Valorant is the gift that keeps on giving. Fans can expect a new agent in every chapter, along with the possibility of a new map.

Valorant has been out for over four months now and the number of agents will only keep growing with each new act. With our new weekly series, we’ll be taking a look at each of the agents and the proper way to play them by utilizing their biggest strengths. We’ve already covered the speedy Jett and today we continue with one-man surveillance network – Cypher. He’s the exact opposite of Jett in terms of popularity and you’re about to find out why. The Moroccan agent has every tool at his disposal to give him and his teammates an edge in the round.


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