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Valorant Goes Cyberpunk With Glitchpop Skins

Valorant Glitch Pop skins

Some of the Valorant Glitch Pop skins. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Valorant is going full-on cyberpunk with its latest line of skins – Glitchpop. The visuals are already available in the in-game store.

After the Dragon skins we didn’t expect Riot to come up with another great line of skins for some time. The Glitchpop skins deliver some cyberpunk inspired visuals that fit right into the game’s world. To be fair, not much is known about the game’s lore, but it takes place in the future and some of the agents are clearly augmented.

In case you haven’t already, check out the trailer for the Glitchpop skins.

We really can’t tell what Riot were aiming for but it can certainly give you an aneurism. It becomes clear that the skins will also give you a wide selection of stickers varying from toast, to a bunny.

Some of the Glitchpop stickers

Some of the Glitchpop stickers. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Senior Valorant weapons artist, Chris Stone commented:

Glitchpop was an opportunity for us to take inspiration from the cyberpunk genre with our own fresh take on it. There are so many amazing representations of the cyberpunk genre so we didn’t want to lean too heavily towards any one of them. We decided to focus on how to push this skin line towards a more fun and punk aesthetic, instead of the classic gloomy and grounded cyberpunk representation we often see.

Senior Valorant concept artist, Sean Bigham added that the skins were created “by accident” as one of the artists misunderstood the assignment:

We showed this design to the rest of the team and the reception was amazing. We knew we had something special here, but it needed to be pushed further and really fleshed out. As we further developed glitchpop, a question that kept arising was how to balance all of the visual noise in order to fit within the established Valorant art style.

Despite being visually pleasing, the price on the skins is still quite high and a huge part of the Valorant community isn’t happy. Here are all the weapons that will receive a Glitchpop skin.

  • Frenzy - 2,175 VP
  • Judge - 2,175 VP
  • Bulldog - 2,175 VP
  • Odin - 2,175 VP
  • Melee - 4,350 VP
  • Bundle - 8,700 VP

The Melee has two levels, the second one adds new audio effects, an inspect animation and a color change with each equip. The rest of the weapons have 7 levels and each builds up over the previous one:

  • Level 1: Model only and scope visual effects
  • Level 2: Custom muzzle flash and firing audio
  • Level 3: Custom equip and reload effects and audio, logo hologram projection, custom inspect audio
  • Level 4: Kill banner and Finisher
  • Level 5: Blue variant with visual effects
  • Level 6: Red variant with visual effects
  • Level 7: Gold variant with visual effects
Glitchpop skins Valorant

Image credit: Riot Games

The Glitchpop skins will go live with the release of Valorant Act 2. The latter is set to be released later today, August 4. What do you think about the new visuals? Share your opinion on our Facebook page!

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Tasho Tashev