New Battle Pass, new agent and new ranking system

Valorant Episode 1: Act 2 Starts on August 4

Valorant Episode 1: Act 2

Valorant's Act II is already on the store. (Image credit: Valorant via Twitter)

Valoran't first Act is about to come to an end along with its Battle Pass. August 4 is the date fans have been waiting for as we can expect Act II, agent Killjoy and much much more.

Valorant started on June 2 with Episode 1: Ignition and brought with it also a first Battle Pass. It consists of 50 stages, which are divided into 10 chapters. Similar to Call of Duty, the Battle Pass is available either as a premium version or for free. The free version unlocks a reward after completing each chapter and offers a total of 15 unlocks, while the premium version rewards you with 1000 Valorant Points on each level.

The first Battle Pass expires tomorrow, as soon as the new update goes live.

What's in Act II?

First of all of course a new Battle Pass with new cosmetic items. So you can look forward to some nice skins, weapon tags, titles and player cards. But that's not all. The ranking system of Valorant gets some adjustments. In the future, only your best games will count for your seasonal rank - every good game displaces a bad one from your game history. While many of the players weren't concerned about seasonal ranks it's certainly a welcome change.

Next up the much-requested Deathmatch mode will finally come into play. The mode will have 10 agents competing in a free-for-all mode, i.e. all against all, with no skills but with infinite money. Whoever reaches 30 kills first wins. All those who just want a bit of exuberant action and less tactical gameplay for a change should get their money's worth here. Needless to say it'll be an excellent choice to warm up with a deathmatch right before jumping into a normal/ranked game.

What we're most excited about though is the new agent, Killjoy. The technical nerd with all her, presumably strong, gadgets will also come into play with the next update and thus further increase the number of available characters.

The community is already busy speculating and fears that Killjoy's abilities might be OP, as they can both give information and deal a hefty amount of damage.

Agent Killjoy's abilities and art revealed.

It looks like we're getting a lot of new content with Act 2 and Riot is working hard to balance and improve existing content. Since all of the Battle Pass rewards are still purely cosmetic, the game will remain free-to-play and you will have no disadvantages if you don't invest money in the game. Maybe we can also expect some more nerfs coming to Sage? Riot?

All other news and updates about Valorant, such as the results of the Valorant Mandatory.GG Cup, can be found on EarlyGame.

Tasho Tashev