A New Teaser Trailer Hints at Ego Skins

Valorant Teases the Upcoming Ego Skins

EGo by OneTap

The latest teaser about the Valorant Ego Skins is here. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Yesterday Riot Games announced their latest Valorant skin on their Twitter page. Announcing might be the wrong word because we won't know anything except the cryptic message and the name of the skin. Is there more to it?

The Valorant team is really pushing out a lot of skins. While the first ones we saw were rather generic, the artists showed the game's true potential with the Elderflame and Glitchpop bundles. Next up seems to be the Ego skin series.

Riot Games made the announcement on their social media. All you see in the teaser on Twitter is an 11-second trailer that shows the framework of a knife spinning around itself. From time to time the words "Ego by OneTap" are blinking so we can assume that the skin bundle will be called "Ego" and was apparently designed by OneTap.

In the dark trailer, you can see in the small incidences of light the light pulsating golden shimmer. Whether it will be part of the skin of the weapon as an alternative style isn't certain yet.

Besides the nice knife, there will be 3 more skins. The small white writing tells us that there will be skins for Guardian, Stinger, and Ghost.

The teaser was be titled with a short and crisp "Feed your Ego", which makes the community speculate what the Valorent Devs want to tell us with it. Some think that the skins could potentially be ranked-rewards. Others think it means that they'll be costly like the previously released Elderflame Skins. We'd say it could just be an evolving skin that changes during the match depending on how many kills you get. It's totally possible right?

The Valorant Twitter also denies us the release date of the skins but as soon as we know more, we will inform you here on EarlyGame immediately! What do you think about the new skins and the announcement? Share your opinion on our Facebook page!

Stay tuned for more Valorant news and if you're looking for more esports and gaming, check out EarlyGame or the EarlyGame Youtube channel.

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