Is he the agent of Act Two?

Valorant: Easter Eggs Give More Hints About Killjoy

Valorant Agent Killjoy

Is that the new agent from Riot's tactical shooter? (Image credit: Riot Games)

Recent Leaks and Easter Eggs from Valorant Patch 1.04 have reached us. Riot tease the new agent Killjoy. Is he coming with the next act of the first episode in Valorant or is Riot just leading us on a wrong track? Read here what we know so far about the new agent Killjoy!

In early July, data miners discovered the first traces of Killjoy, an upcoming Valorant agent. Several voice lines as well as the agent's ultimate animation could be seen and with patch 1.04 the hype grew immensely. There was also the name Bombshell, but that could've been a placeholder name or a completely different agent. We shall see.

Killjoy Easter Egg

Image credit: Riot Games

Who's Killjoy?

Level 48 of the current Valorant Battle Pass shows a card with the name "Confidential". None of the agents have their roots in Germany so far, but Killjoy could be the first. The voice lines suggest that Killjoy could be an engineer. Furthermore, the character seems to have a problem with either their size or that of their robots. A sensitive issue for the new agent, it seems.

What Kind of Skills Does Killjoy Have?

Even though nothing is known about the abilities yet, the Easter Eggs show on split posters of robots. This supports the assumption that Killjoy will be an engineer that uses robots to gain some kind of advantage. In the leaked sounds we could also hear the deployment of a turret? Furthermore, the model of the mysterious agent can be seen on a cardboard display in a shop on Split. The smileys with the X as mouth could indicate an ability to silence enemies. Maybe Killjoy can prevent other agents from using their abilities? That would be a completely new mechanic and as we think, a pretty cool one (potentially broken versus some opponents).

Even though no exact date is known yet, we assume that Killjoy will come on August 4 with the second act - just like Reyna came with the first act. We'll keep you updated on any new developments surrounding the upcoming agent.

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