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Valorant: Dominate Haven with Viper

Valorant viper

Viper's ultimate is particularly strong Have. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Valorant is literally the gaming world's new shooting star. Riot's newest game has been in closed beta for about a month. Smart players are still finding new & unique spots that give them a decisive advantage in the game. How to dominate on the map Haven with poison girl Viper? We have the answer.

In our Valorant Map Guide we already told you how to strategically play Haven. Now we'll tell you how to dominate. Step 1: Pick Viper.

This is how Viper's ultimate dominates on Haven

In Valorant, there are many abilities that seem incredibly strong - at least when used properly. Let's just remember Cypher's Spycam. Now it's also Viper's ultimate"Viper's Pit" that can decide the round when well placed - even if the new trick is just a bug, which the developers will fix rather quickly.

It was found by Reddit user "MisterPreuss", who made a video on how the bug works with Vipers Uultimate on Haven.

What do you need in order to use it? Viper, a charged ultimate and the map Haven. Okay, that was obvious. More specifically: the trick only works on bomb site A and if the spike needs to be placed at a certain location.

The poison cloud magically reveals the view from A Heaven, allowing Viper to comfortably keep an eye on the site from above, while the defenders on the site see nothing. Pretty nasty.

A great example of how Valorant Beta players are becoming more and more creative when it comes to finding unique spots. So until Riot Games finds a solution to the problem, the only thing that helps as a defender is to keep an eye on the window or approach it from behind.


With our Valorant Map Guides every beginner will be fit for the tactical shooter and for more on Valorant, check the game section on EarlyGame.

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