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Valorant closed beta account sellers get banned

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The Valorant closed beta was one of the most expected betas maybe ever. With millions of viewers worldwide it was only a matter of time before people started selling accounts.

Riot’s upcoming shooter is gathering more and more players in its closed beta. Everyone else is stuck on Twitch, watching streams with the hope to get a key. Saying key could be a bit misleading as it’s technically Riot making your account entitled to play the game, so there's no actual key involved. The total number of people who received access on the first day remains unknown, but since the game encountered some errors, keys were stopped for the rest of the day.

After things with the client and login got resolved, the developers announced that they’ll be bringing the keys back to Twitch. All you have to do in order to get an entry to the beta is to watch a Valorant verified streamer with drops enabled. If you’re lucky you’ll get a notification and an email that will direct you to the Valorant website where you can download the client. You can also download the client beforehand but before getting whitelisted you won’t have any use for it.

Naturally as the number of people waiting for a key drop grew and many of them didn’t get one, a black market for Valorant accounts was created.

Valorant ebay

Some of the Valorant accounts up for sale. (Image credit: eBay)

We see them here on eBay and other less-known websites as well and the prices can vary greatly. While it may look like the obvious easy way out, Riot doesn’t agree with it. The company has announced they’ll be banning any account which was sold, making it a very risky move to buy one.

The good news from this – accounts that were banned will be “recycled” with their keys being brought back to the pool, which means others will get to use them. By the looks of it, the Valorant website is also experiencing some difficulties and it's not certain if it's due to more people joining or Riot doing maintenance.

We know it’s tiresome watching so many other people play the game while knowing that others won’t get a key at all. Riot Games previously mentioned that not everyone with a Riot account will make it to the beta. You can always take a look at some of the more popular Valorant streamers for a chance to finally get that account entitlement. In the meantime stay tuned for more Valorant news.

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