Valorant Bundles Won’t Be Coming Back

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Recently Riot Games revealed that the skin bundles for the game won’t be making a return. That’s not to say players won’t be able to acquire the skins, but can no longer purchase them in bundles.

If you’re a new player and wanted to get that sweet Elderflame bundle, you can’t. That’s where Riot stands as the company revealed that old skins bundles won’t be showing up again. This means that if you didn’t have the means to buy it when it initially came out you’ll never be. The same goes for any future skin bundles.

Riot employee Riot_Preeti gave us the news on Reddit:

"We don’t currently have any plans to feature old bundles, so the only way to get old stuff is to buy it in the rotating store. I think if you get all the skin line’s weapons in the rotating store and then see the melee, the melee should be $0/free (don’t buy the melee first!). But don’t quote me on that. I recommend checking with player support! If you do it this way, you won’t get the accessory pack though (those are only available when you buy the full bundle in the featured store)."

Skins and Bundles

If you want to get a specific skin it is still possible but you’ll have to pay the full price for it (unless there's some sort of discount on it). The whole point of getting a bundle is that you get numerous skins for various weapons at a reduced price. According to Preeti, bundles won’t be coming back as it will give them a more exclusive feeling. While you can wait for individual skins from a certain bundle to appear in the shop you’ll never be able to acquire some of the other goodies that usually come with a bundle. These include player cards, gun buddies, and titles.

It’s good to know Riot’s strategy for the long-term as many players will have doubts about some of the bundles. The price is usually good but if you’re really eyeing those skins and want to get them all along with the goodies it might be a better idea to get the bundle while it’s still there.

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