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Valorant: With this bug, Omen becomes unstoppable on Split

Omen wallpaper

Likes to go where he's not supposed to. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Another Valorant bug - with this one, Omen becomes unstoppable on Valorant's Split map.

Before we report on this bug, let’s take a moment and remember something: Valorant is not an official esports yet. Valorant is not fully released yet. The game is still in beta and this phase is meant to find and fix bugs. So, we’re not laughing at this bug or complaining, no - we’re simply providing constructive criticism.

Now, this particular bug involves our favorite edgelord Omen. It’s up to you and your conscience whether you want to exploit this bug or not:

Ingredients: Omen, Sage & Split.

Directions: Have Sage use her Barrier Orb to create a wall with Omen on it. Omen the uses Shrouded Step to teleport off the map. From here Omen can shoot at players through walls - players who will not be able to fire back.

Serving recommendation: Don’t use this competitively. Play fair. Use this with your friends or as a guide to make you aware of what’s out there.

Mendo shows you to dominate with Omen fair and square. (Source: Youtube - Team Liquid)

Omen is not the only Valorant agent with bugs. Recently we reported on a bug that helps Viper seriously dominate Haven.
There’s been many more bugs that were found during the beta and many of them have already been fixed. We expect this Omen bug to be ironed out shortly, and we also expect more to pop up, but, again: This is what beta phases are here for.

If you want to know how to dominate Split and the other Valorant maps fairly, we have some guides for you.


When the game fully releases in the summer, we’re certain that bugs like this will become much less frequent. Until then, EarlyGame covers all your Valorant needs.

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