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Valorant: Bug in the Ranked System!

Valorant Ranks

The ranks in Valorant. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Young titles like Valorant are rarely flawless. Last night, a new bug appeared in the game's ranked system and it affected a lot of players.

Valorant spent almost two months in closed beta and has been officially out for more than one. It's fair to say that bugs are still to be expected occasionally. While most of us were already asleep, the nocturnal agents noticed that something was wrong with the Valorant ranked system. Even if you were on a winning streak, the first defeat after the series led directly to a downrank. Even big names like Ninja were not spared.

This is a bug that Riot is already actively working to fix. The game developer of the tactical shooter made it clear in a Reddit post.

We are aware of the issue, there's a misconfiguration on the rank display calculation, that put players in the wrong tier when calculating displayed rank in North America, Brazil, and Latin America.

We have reverted the configs and are working on investigating the root cause. Only the displayed rank should be impacted, winning a game will put players back in the correct rank again.

Edit: upon further investigation just NA had issue

While Riot was working on the potential fix, some players reported that they got demoted from the lowest possible rank to Unused. That must have been a bummer.

Everything Is Back to Normal

At the end of the day, a fix is already at work. All you need to do is play one game, and your rank should be displayed correctly again. We're sure that many players might have felt let down yesterday, as ranked could get quite competitive and get the best of us. Don't worry, it's only a game, so just get your next win today and pick up where you last left off. Good luck with your climbing!

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