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Valorant: Best Pistol Round Buys for Sova, Breach, Raze

Raze valorant

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The perfect pistol round buy does not exist in Valorant. Every Agent has unique abilities that can be beneficial in the first round. However, there aren’t enough credits to buy them all so you need to be smart and buy only what you really need. Keep reading and find out how your pistol round buy should look like with Sova, Breach, and Raze.


Valorant Sova

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Sova is an initiator with only one job – to gather information. He is probably the best Agent and first pick for every Operator player. We all know that you can’t buy Operator on a pistol round. So, what should you buy? It mostly depends on the situation.

If you are playing as an Attacker, you should buy Light Armor and Owl Drone. In addition to Recon Bolt that is free, Owl Drone can help you gather info and reveal enemy positions.

On the other side, Armor is there to increase your total HP and protect you from headshot kills. On a Defending side, Sova buy is pretty simple. Just buy Ghost and two Shock Bolts that can be really deadly in a combination with Recon Bolt.

  • Attacker: Light Armor + Owl Drone
  • Defender: Ghost + 2x Shock Bolt


Breach valorant

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Breach is another initiator who is great with support attacks and sets up his teammates for entry frags. In order to do so, he needs utility.

As an Attacker, Breach should always carry 2 flashes and shouldn’t buy anything else before that. Therefore, you should buy two Flashpoints which will cost 400 credits. With the remaining coins, you can either buy Light Armor or Aftershock. However, we recommend Light Armor because you need more HP on the attacking side.

As a Defender, Aftershock is even better than flashes. Our suggestion is to buy Aftershock, one Flashpoint, and Ghost.

  • Attacker: Light Armor + Flashpoint
  • Defender: Aftershock + Flashpoint + Ghost


Raze grenade

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Raze is a duelist who uses all kinds of explosives to inflict damage. She can employ her abilities to kill enemies without even peeking. This Agent is relatively good on a pistol round both as an Attacker and Defender.

The best pistol round buy for Raze as an Attacker consists of Light Armor, Blast Pack and Boom Bot. This buy will cost you exactly 800 credits and you will have everything you need to attack.

Truth to be told, you won’t make a mistake if you use the same buy on the defending side. However, we recommend upgrading your pistol to Ghost because it is easier to hold angles with it. You will have 300 more credits to spend so you can choose to buy either Blast Pack or Boom Bot.

  • Attacker: Light Armor + Blast Pack + Boom Bot
  • Defender: Ghost + Blast Pack or Boom Bot

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