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Valorant: Best Pistol Round Buys for Reyna, Jett, Phoenix

pistol round buy reyna, jett, phoenix

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As you might already know, Valorant is a multiplayer first-person tactical shooter video game. In other words, raw skill isn’t enough to achieve victory – you will also need decent tactics and economy management skills. However, some players prefer raw skill and that’s why they choose to play with duelist Agents. Stay tuned and find out what to buy on a pistol round with three most popular duelists: Reyna, Jett, and Phoenix.


valorant reyna pistol buy

Image credit: Riot Games

Truth to be told, Reyna is probably one of the strongest duelists in the game. She doesn’t need support Agents as she can heal herself and has her own flashes. That’s probably the reason this Agent is popular among highly-skilled players.

Reyna’s gameplay is quite similar both on the attacking and the defending side. Therefore, pistol round buy for this Agent is simple as she has only one buy that can be used on both sides.

Due to the overhealing ability, Reyna does not need Light Shields as long as she can get at least one kill. Instead, your buy should be focused on increasing total damage and probability to get a kill. Upgrade pistol to Ghost, buy one Leer to blind your enemies and one Devour to heal yourself after the kill.

This is ultimately the best possible pistol round buy for Reyna on both sides and there is no need for any further experiments as you just can’t get a better buy.

  • Attacker: Devour + Leer + Ghost
  • Defender: Devour + Leer + Ghost

Simple, right?


Jett valorant pistol round buy cloudburst

Jett Cloudburst (Image credit: Dignitas)

Valorant Agent Jett is currently the only Agent with a passive ability. She can glide through the air while falling down and avoid any fall damage. Alongside her passive ability, she is also quite fast and can escape every dangerous situation using free ability Tailwind.

Those two are free but what should you buy on a pistol round? Her abilities are quite cheap and every one of them costs only 100 credits. As a Defender, Jett should buy two Cloudbursts, one Updraft and a Ghost. Cloudbursts can be used as smokes to delay attacks, Updraft is used to climb on boxes and find better angles to hold while a pistol upgrade is highly recommended to increase damage.

As an Attacker, Jett should buy Light Armor, three Cloudbursts and one Updraft with the remaining credits. Since Jett is a duelist, she needs Light Armor to increase her total HP as she will encounter many close-range duels. She also needs three Cloudbursts to gain map control and isolate multiple angles to fight only one enemy at the time. Updraft is quite useless on the attacking side but it can be used on some maps to surprise enemies hidden in the haven or to get better positions in post-plant situations.

  • Attacker: 2x Cloudburts + Updraft + Ghost
  • Defender: Light Armor + 3x Cloudburts + Updraft


Phoenix Blaze pistol round buy

Phoenix Blaze (Image credit: Dignitas)

Another highly popular duelist, this one with the ultimate ability to run back in time. Phoenix is the only Agent with curved flash which practically makes him designed for close-range battles as an attacker – he can clear corners fast and even heal himself after the duel.

It is best to go for full utility buy on attacking pistol round – so two Curveballs and one Blaze should do it. Curveballs are used to flash enemies and clear corners while Blaze can be used to isolate some parts of the map or even as a wall in post-plant situations. On the other side, as a Defender, Phoenix doesn’t need to push, so he will mostly engage in long-range battles. Therefore, the best buy will be Ghost and one Curveball.

  • Attacker: Blaze + 2 Curveball
  • Defender: Ghost + Curveball

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