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Valorant: Best Pistol Round Buys for Omen, Viper, Killjoy

Valorant pistol round buy

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Every Agent is unique in this game. In other words, there isn’t a perfect Valorant pistol round buy that will suit each Agent. This guide is designed to suggest best pistol round buys for controllers Omen and Viper and the newest sentinel – Agent Killjoy. Keep reading and find out which abilities and pistols you should buy in the first round of every half with those Agents.


pistol round buy Valorant Omen

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Omen is a great controller and only Agent with the ability to teleport and surprise his enemies from behind or unusual corners. The best pistol round buy for this Agent mostly depends on the situation.

As an attacker, Omen should buy Ghost, Paranoia and Shrouded Step. Ghost is a good addition but primarily for long-range battles as it will also increase overall damage. Paranoia is used as a flash and it is hard to attack without it.

On the defending side, Omen should probably just buy Light Armor to increase his HP and go full utility to make defending easier and slow down attacks.

  • Attacker: Ghost + Paranoia + Shrouded Step
  • Defender: Light Armor + Paranoia + 2x Shrouded Step


pistol round buy Valorant Viper

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Another controller with unique poisoning abilities, yet, Viper is not so popular and she is statistically the Agent with the lowest pick rate in this game. However, some players still prefer to play her, so if you want to master Viper’s abilities and buys, pistol round buy is a good way to start.

As an attacker, Viper should always buy Light Armor, Poison Cloud and double Snake Bites. Due to the low popularity of this Agent, Snake Bites recently got buffed and they are now the ultimate weapon for clearing close corners. With that in mind, Viper doesn’t need to engage in long-range battles as an attacker. Instead, she should use Snake Bites to clear close corners and embrace short-range battles.

As a Defender, every buy is pretty good with this Agent. We suggest you go with Ghost, Poison Cloud, and Snake Bite. Ghost is good for holding angles while Poison Cloud and Snake Bite would be helpful to stop rushes and delay attacks.

  • Attacker: Light Armor + Poison Cloud + 2x Snake Bite
  • Defender: Ghost + Poison Cloud + Snake Bite


pistol round buy Valorant killjoy

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Killjoy is the newest addition added as a 12th Agent to this game. He doesn’t have too much to offer on a pistol round so she should always buy Ghost and Alarmbot or Nanoswarm.

Alarmbot is practically useless on the attacking side so we suggest you to buy it as a Defender. Alternatively, you can buy Light Armor and both abilities. Also on the attacking side, buy Nanoswarm and use it as a grenade to clear corners or even get frags as it does a great amount of damage.

Whatever you choose, just don’t be too aggressive with this Agent. Play it passively and you shouldn’t have any problems in pistol rounds.

  • Attacker: Ghost + Nanoswarm
  • Defender: Ghost + Alarmbot or Light Shield + Alarmbot + Nanoswarm

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