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Valorant: Best Pistol Round Buys for Brimstone, Sage, Cypher

Pistol round buy brimstone, cypher, sage

Cypher, Brimstone and Sage (Image credit: Riot Games)

Pistol round is probably the most important round in each half of one Valorant match. Winners of the pistol round have a significant advantage because they can dictate the tempo of that half and boost their economy in the following anti-eco rounds. That’s why it is essential to buy the proper equipment in order to win those rounds. You start every match with only 800 credits and you need to spend them wisely. Keep reading and find out which abilities and weapons you should buy on a pistol round with every support Agent: Brimstone, Sage, and Cypher.


Brimstone pistol round buy

Brimstone Sky Smokes (Image credit: RedBull)

Brimstone is a support Agent used for map control with smokes and incendiary grenades. This means that the pistol round buy should always be focused around map control.

As a Defender, Brimstone's main job is to delay attacks and stop rushes. The best buy on a pistol round would be three Sky Smokes and one Indendiary Granade. Sky Smokes can be used to delay attacks while Indediary is mainly used to stop rushes and clear angles in post-plant situations.

As an Attacker, you should also buy three Sky Smokes that can be used for taking map control and also upgrade your pistol to Ghost in order to deal more damage.

  • Attacker: 3x Sky Smoke + Ghost
  • Defender: 3x Sky Smoke + Indendiary Granade


Sage pistol round buy valorant

Sage Barrier (Image credit: Dignitas)

Another support Agent that is crucial for every team due to her healing abilities – Sage. The proper pistol round buy for Sage differs on the attacking and defending side.

As an Attacker, Sage should buy Barrier Orb that can be used for boosting or as a wall in post-plant situations. She doesn’t really need Slow Orbs on the attacking side and it is better to buy Light Armor or upgrade the pistol.

On defense, Slow Orbs can be very useful while defending sites to slow down enemies. That’s why Sage should buy full utility as a Defender – one Barrier Orb and two Slow Orbs.

  • Attacker: Barrier Orb + Light Armor or upgrade pistol
  • Defender: Barrier Orb + 2x Slow Orb


cypher pistol round buy valorant

Cypher Trap Wire (Image credit: Dignitas)

Currently, the most used Agent in every professional team is Cypher. His main job is to gather information and share it with the team. However, gathering info is different on both sides.

As an attacker, Cypher needs two Cyber Cages but only one Trap Wire is enough. Trap Wire should be posted behind your team to spot enemies that are flanking behind and the remaining credits can be used to upgrade a pistol or buy a Light Shield.

As a defender, Cypher should buy two Trap Wires and two Cyber Cages. Trap Wires can surprise enemies and slow them down while Cyber Cages should be used as temporary smokes in order to reposition or postpone attacks.

  • Attacker: 2x Trap Wire + 2x Cyber Cage
  • Defender: 2x Cyber Cage + Trap Wire + Light Shield or upgrade the pistol

That about wraps it up for support pistol rounds. Do you like being a bit more aggressive? Check out our advice on what to buy in pistol round as a Valorant Duelist Agent!

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