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Valorant: Are rewards for loyal players planned?

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Riot Games might have special rewards for Valorant players. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Anyone who plays Valorant for a long period of time will probably be looking forward to unique rewards in the future. Riot Games has now hinted at this.

Honestly: What are the reasons for playing through the Valorant Battle Pass up to the maximum level 50? Probably not too many at the moment, which is why Riot Games has thought about it. In the future, Valorant rewards for loyal players could come our way.

Will the Valorant Rewards be coming soon?

Just in time for the final Valorant release Riot Games released the Valorant Episode 1 Ignition Battle Pass, which lures with some nice cosmetic items. Okay, there are no really exciting items to pick up and 12 weapon skins in 50 levels aren't the hit either, but that could change soon.

Why then, especially in the free version, should you even take on the level grind? This led a Reddit user to say that there are simply "no rewards for skill or the time invested" in Valorant at the moment.

This criticism called the developers of Riot Games into action. One of the devs, namely "tehleach" commented on Reddit about the possible Valorant rewards coming in the near future.

However, Riot Games did not provide specific details about the Valorant rewards. Chances are we'll hear more about them in the upcoming months. There's also a high possibility Riot will implement something similar to their competitors.

CS:GO, for example, rewards players with special and unique badges, while Apex Legends allows players to create and customize their own player cards with special statistics on milestones reached in the game. These are only small details that should make the hours of grind and progress in Valorant at least a little more exciting.

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