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Skye and her Animal Friends

Valorant Agent Skye Revealed

Valorant Agent Skye
Enter our latest Valorant Agent (Image Credit: Riot Games)

We finally know what the new Valorant Act 3 agent will bring to the battlefield in terms of abilities. We can officially call her Skye!

Riot Games has released a short video showcasing what abilities Skye has and reveals a bit about her personality too. Skye is a cheeky Australian who is friends with Sage so I guess all Sentianls know each other! But what do the two sentinels have in common? Well, they both can heal! That’s right another healer joins the roster of agents in Valorant Act 3.

Riot Games officially released an in-game preview of the new Valorant agent, Skye. We get to see her abilities in action, hear her voice, and get a great first look at the new agent.

The video starts off with a bit more of Valorant’s lore, which can be quickly summarized as strange weather events start to occur worldwide, known as “The First Light.” This has given many people strange new powers and in response, a secret organization called Valorant is formed which now recruits different agents to its org. Thus, the Skye video opens with Sage calling Skye asking her for her help! Okay, so maybe you don’t care about Valorant’s story, so let’s just move onto the abilities.

Valorant Agent Skye
Image Credit: Riot Games

We do not know the name of her abilities at this time, but it’s okay because get to see what they actually do!

All of Skye’s abilities are based around nature and its animals, she even says it herself “Not use to working with humans.” Her first ability we see is a Flash, Skye sends out her falcon that flies in a straight line and then denotes, so no hooking it around a wall like Phoneix can.

Next up was Skye’s Heal, it appears to be an AoE heal that must be channeled. This means Skye needs to move to cover before using it because she is unable to move or shoot while healing, a high risk/reward play.

After the healing ability, we saw Skye summon a wolf (it's actually a Dingo which is native to Australia) that the player controls. Once you find someone with this ability you can detonate it on them stunning them. Good for scouting and pushing blind spots.

Last up we saw Skye use some kind of nature magic that sends out several green wisps that seek out the enemy revealing them on the map and flashing them too. It’s not exactly clear how this ability works from just watching the video.

That's everything we know about Skye and her menagerie of beasts! Expect to see her in-game on October 27.

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